Thursday, January 16, 2014

Simpsons Tapped Out

So, people keep asking if there are ways to keep in better touch with me. I'll start this out properly. I opened a new city for all my wonderful fans, members, followers and what not to join me in my little relaxing off time now too!

Earlier this week I opened a city in Simpsons Tapped Out (it's for ipad & android products) for just my adult side. If you play this game or ever download it, you are welcome to add curvykittysc to your friends list (it's on the bottom right side of the game when you have it loaded). It's a new city but with the Halloween theme going on there too I thought it was a good time to start it.

This game although Simpsons based I can best explain as being sort of like CityVille. It's a 100% free game if you want it to be but of course you can always put money into it to buy 'perks' or make the game go faster but otherwise it's a nice little time waster without taking hour after hour of your time each time. Great for those on the go that need a little distraction and on the plus side you get to see how my city evolves over time while you get to know me over that time too!

Only thing I ask is if you add me, keep your city going. Don't go adding me and only play once a week. This is not how to make this game progress and if I don't see changes every day or 2, I'm going to go and remove you from my friends list. I play because I like to and the perk of having friends that work their cities is that we get experience, extra money and perks when they happen like this Halloween where they are doing a 'capture ghosts' thing to earn special Halloween goodies. So please, just play your game and we'll all be happy :) *SMOOCH*

Remember the game is 100% free to play so come join me!!

 ~ Game update, I am still playing this city but since it's not really an advertising thing I won't be starting a new city just because of the trouble with my Southern-Charms site. The user name I play with will still remain curvykittysc.

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