Thursday, January 16, 2014

Private Moments #3

Just a short little entry for this one as it was sweet & simple but ever so fucking hot! Literally!

So, spending the morning/early afternoon with Camera Man having a good breakfast, some munchies later on and watching some more episodes of Star Trek Voyager. Knowing he was getting tired (usual Sunday afternoon routine but warranted this time as we spent the entire day with my folks yesterday due to replacing the kitchen faucet), I decided to be a bit of a tease.

When the last episode, I just laid back, spread my legs and tried to look totally innocent as I stretched out... of course the entire time showing off that I was still sitting there with no panties or anything else but a long comfy shirt. A glance over, a 'yea' from him as in a 'I see what you're doing' type comment with a sly grin. I of course, know nothing about what he's talking about and reach down and spread my wet pussy open for him to see that I didn't know a thing.

Another kind of 'if you don't stop' type warning from him, I reach down and spread myself even farther just to show him I didn't care what he 'threatened' and soon I found him getting up, removing his shorts and mounting me in the corner of our couch. For those of you that don't know, we have this nice big over sized 'L' shaped couch of which I usually curl up in the corner of the 'L' part.

Mmmm he felt so good as he just held up my legs and pushed his hard cock into me. Not like I needed much teasing at all to be super wet already. We had plans to go for a long afternoon of shooting.... photos (get your mind outta there! :P) but after an extremely bad (but short thank god) monthly cycle, it meant that I was already running high with a very horny side. So, instead of getting ready like I should have, I just teased him enough until he was sliding in and out of me for almost 20mins.

Slowing him down, speeding him up, talking dirty to him, teasing him, him reminding me about wanting to do photos and/or videos, getting so horny that I reached down and started to play with my clit and found that he had already started to leak his wonderful cum without having finished yet. God almighty it was hot! And this time, I worked at making sure that he did cum fully in the end, photos be damned today, and god what timing... the moment I started to go over the edge in a massive climax of my own, I felt his cock throb hard and him grunt as he pumped his hot load inside of me, cumming almost throb to throb together, it was a massively good high! It's not often you get to experience that with anyone, mate or not but when it does OMG, it's something to remember!

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