Thursday, January 16, 2014

Food Weakness

Now you get to know a bit more personally about me. I have a HUGE weakness and it started while I was working... sushi. Yes with raw fish even on it although a lot of people still don't realize that sushi does not mean fish or meats at all, it simply is the word for the rice used in the process. There is even veggie style sushi that has nothing at all to do with any sort of meat/fish.

Now with that said, I have a favorite restaurant that I always go back to where we can sit and enjoy, have them deliver if I really don't want to go out or even pre-order and go pick up. Most of you know by now that I have Celiac which in short means I have wheat intolerance. I can't digest the proteins that are found in wheat, I actually get quite sick from it. So even eating sushi has its risks such as soy sauce or even the fake crab sticks that tend to be used in this food. But this wonderful restaurant that I was shown by my previous bosses actually has taken very very good care of me over the years and I trust them to no end.

My real weakness though and I order it all of the time is a large sushi roll called a Sunrise Roll. It is what they call an in & out roll. Which means there are goodies on the inside of the roll and after it's rolled (with the seaweed in the inside of the roll instead of outside) they add another layer on the outside. This roll has wonderful inside filling of cream cheese, salmon and avocado and on the outside after they roll the rice around which also has black & white sesame seeds sprinkled on it, is more wonderful fresh melt on your tongue salmon. Now for me, the finishing touch that they do on mine (not sure if they do it all of the time on this roll but I don't mind being a bit special, I tend to spend enough money there to warrant it!) is they top it with a sauce of apple/onion (it works!) and then the chef (his name is Kim and yes he is authentic!) specially dices up some of their pickled ginger and puts it on top of this wonderful roll. *DROOL*

Ok so I enjoyed with Camera Man's birthday meal, so I didn't do it with mine. I didn't do anything special for my birthday, just was lazy and didn't dirty my kitchen. My mother did how ever make a wonderful pumpkin pie by my request with an almond flour crust, it worked very nicely and it's been I'd say 15yrs since I had a real pumpkin pie, much less one that I can eat without worry of my poor tummy.

Ok so droll a bit over the photo they give of my wonderful Sunrise Sushi Roll... Usually I end up with something called a hand roll as well which is basically a half sheet of seaweed that is rolled into a cone shape with the rice/filling inside. Usually ends up being salmon as well again with avocado and their specially spiced mayo.

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