Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hotel Suite Ideas

As some of you who are following me, be it fan or member, will know that you have made it possible through all sorts of ways through November/December 2013 to be able to afford a night or two at a hot hotel suite. Now I had thought about going about a more erotic hotel suite that included an in-suite pool along with lots of other things but when I asked for an over night cost they quoted me over 300euro a night. Ummm at this point in time... nooooo.

So instead, I've included some photos from another hotel I plan to rent for photo/video shooting. A bit more 'my style' when I'm in my full on glamour mode. It's got a huge in suite whirl pool (so I won't be missing out on any hot water/bath things I thought about with the indoor pool suite), shower and lots of extra places (not including the bed obviously!) for me to shoot content and lots of different content. Before I have even selected which room I wish to rent, I have already decided that any of them will involve a long white gown with matching heels, bikinis for the whirl pool look (nono, no worries! there will still be bubble bath nude sets too, maybe even with candle light!), lots of pantyhose/thigh high sets against white backgrounds and tons more ideas.

Anyhow, there are actually 2 hotels, by the same 'name' but with different owners. They each have their own selection of 3 or 4 suites. I like almost all of them with exception perhaps of the 'yoko' one that I don't think I would know what to do with actually but hey if it came down to it, I'm sure I can figure something out with it!

The first collection of photos is from the first hotel I found
 ~ Ambassador Suite

 ~ Empire Suite (includes in-suite personal sauna)

~ Royal (massively large w/ so many ideas! Don't miss the whirl pool in the mirror!)

  ~ Residential Suite (much smaller but still lots to do with it)

These are from the 2nd of the hotels
~ Valentines Suite (god almighty, I could spend a week shooting in this suite!!)

~ Yoko Suite (not sure quite what to do with it but sure I could figure out something)

So... yea there it is. These 2 hotels are going to be my new 'muse' when and if I get the funds to take advantage of them. I will most likely rent the Valentines Suite for next year sometime but in off peak times so as not to spend 200+ on it a night but the rest, as time/money permits, they will be used! I can think of 100's of ideas not including the wonderfully looking over sized whirl pools and that sauna (which is in 2 of the rooms, not just the one I mentioned!).

If anyone wants to help contribute anything toward me renting one of these other then what I am going to already in the next month or 2, please by all means E-mail Me At G-mail and I'll let you know how to go about donating, I have a number of ways you can do so! *SMOOCH*

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