Wednesday, January 15, 2014 Grand Reopening SOON!

So here it is... I will be re-opening again some how some way. I have already gotten it hooked up to my new hosting and am working on building a design. I have the ideas I want and they are simple for both me as the model/webmaster and hopefully easy for you as my fans and most off my members!

I have already decided I need a tour happening but that is a very mind troubling problem for me as I have *NO* sense of imagination or know-how yet in photoshop or any other photo program to come close to building something. It was well over 4yrs ago now that I last designed something and even that kind of design is out of date. But it's only the 15th, I have been working hard to get some order back into my photos, renaming, watermarking and remaking pages. When those are done, videos are next in line. First the new then the old though so I can at least get things open to you all again. Photos are easy but videos, when you have 300+, will take some time to upload again. Not to mention they have to be sorted as well according to the new categories I have in mind!

Be patient, have patience, be the wonderful hot sexy fans and members I have come to love from the day you started following me around the web. A hot new website is being built, hot new content will be launched with it (photos and videos!), anyone who had an account open with my Southern-Charms website, will regain whatever time they had left and then a bit from me free of charge so that you didn't waste your membership with them. I have your emails and will be contacting you before the launch!

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