Thursday, January 16, 2014

Private Moments #4

Mmmm I still get super wet when I think back to this evening. Although it was quite a while ago and nothing was really there to push the mood such as a photo shoot or the like, it was still one very hot evening!

Let me take you back about a month ago and earlier in the day. Camera Man being the typical Belgian guy that he is, likes his beer. Now I don't condone people drinking themselves stupid or anything and I certainly did not intend for him to drink the entire bottle (I don't really think even he intended that to be honest) but we bought a 75cc (almost a liter or for you wonderful Americans a quart) bottle of rather high alcohol content beer. Normally one enjoys a pint as it were (a glass in other words so something like a 1/4th of this big bottle) but some how throughout just the early evening Camera Man managed to pretty much polish off this entire bottle between about 6pm and 10pmish. He wasn't drunk but he was on the rather happy side of being tipsy. I have never in my 12yrs of marriage seen him like this and again, I don't condone this all of the time, I must admit it was nice to see him utterly relaxed and completely uninhibited due to his drink.

So it's going past 10pm, it was a lazy either day off or weekend type situation, I had him pour his less than glass left of beer to go and we retired to the bedroom for some chatter, laughs and cuddles but omg what happened at the end was so yummy! Now keep in mind, I'm the kind of lady that loves to please, sometimes even more then getting pleased! This was one of those nights.

So we lay there with him very happy, laughing at the most minor things and even getting a bit punchy with me. It was all good. I can't remember what lead up to it but before long I started playing with Camera Man's cock and god *moan* I don't know if he was just that horny or if the beer really played a role in letting him relax so much but I swear to god his hard-on could have broken bricks! I just wanted to play with it all night long!

So being the cock sucking slut that I am, I found my way down to it with my mouth and very hungrily started licking, kissing and sucking his cock. Being this was quite some time ago now (I know I know, I should have written earlier when the memories were still fresh, sorry) but I remember that the evening involved me sucking his cock for well over an hour, perhaps even closer to 2 and in that time, I had gotten a fair dosing of his personal cream! 3 times in fact! This coming (literally) from a man that usually is content with once, sometimes on rare times twice. I was in heaven! Wetter then hell, hungry for his cock and enjoying every squirt of cum he was willing to offer me! I also remember the last time being with me laying on my stomach between his legs, my breasts resting against his legs and getting the last dose that night sprayed onto my tongue for him to watch as he came. Mmmmm anyone want to help add another dose?? *YUM!*

Now we have attempted another time of this but with a totally different beer and not actually planned but just he wanted the bottle but without much of a result but we know what beer it was and do plan on doing it again sometime soon! Perhaps we'll remember to set up the camera and lights first though!

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