Thursday, January 16, 2014

Simpsons Tapped Out - New Tool Addition

I just realized that I never mentioned a new feature that also came out for the Simpsons Tapped Out game that came along with their Christmas update! It's a nice feature in my eyes but before this month, every character you wanted to make do something, you had to search around your entire city to find out where they might be located. Be it behind a building or on the other side of town, you had to search. The new feature has now placed an icon on the upper left hand side of the game that shows the face of the character that you can find instantly atm. Tapping it will locate that character and show you what they can do with them right away. It's really handy when getting ready to make your crew in the game do what they need in order to earn your rewards!

When you get as big of a game as my main every day life account is, this has become a VERY handy tool! No more searching your town to see if you might have missed one or 2 characters, when you have made all of them do something productive, the little icon simply won't show any more. Very nice! Soooo this year, if you get that all wanted tablet or Iphone/pad/pod for your Christmas wish, come join me! Add me as curvykittysc to your friends.

Remember the game is 100% free to play so come join me!!

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