Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fetish - Long Manicured Nails

A bit more about me and a bit of a fetish share. I am asked quite often about my nails when people see them all very well manicured and long. Are they real? What shop do you go to have them done? Do they break off? And a whole onslaught of questions. It's actually been almost 2yrs since I was able to do anything with them except kept them short. It's nice to know in less then 3weeks they were already long enough to do something sexy with!

My nails are real 99% of the time. In the VERY far past, I use to put on fake nails for special sets but that is about as far as I went with any of the not real looks. They do break if I am not careful but mostly as long as I keep up on the maintenance of them and don't go having accidents like dropping something hard or loosing my grip on something they hold up to their own.

I don't grow them to any extreme lengths though. About half an inch is good for me but sometimes they go to as long as an inch. After that they start to get on my nerves when typing or they start to break and have to be taken care of. Right now they are just at the right length for my own pleasure.

I do decorate my nails as well. If I see something in a store I like, mostly nail decals, I will get them and take the time to make them adorable. I have done so in the past, I didn't for almost 2yrs of my real life working life and now just in this last month of not work I've done them up twice. I didn't do them while working because what I did for work required that I didn't have long nails to begin with, also I was not allowed to be wearing any kind of nail polish (always have a clear coat on when I do have longer nails to help with strength) and of course even if I did do all that, the work itself would wear them out in no time at all.

I've attached the last 2 times I've done my nails up for all of my long nail lovers. Oh and yes I LOVE giving back scratches! I do also tend to be a clawer when I'm getting fucked and I do love to tease with just the tips of my nails running across sensitive areas!

Freshly done for shooting the weekend of Nov. 1st, 2013

Done for Halloween 2013 shoot

Same pattern as above for Halloween 2013 shoot

The last image is of my cute plump toes. This I think is the first time I ever did my toe nails in this fashion... I liked it! I only have a shot through nude pantyhose but I'm sure I will get a better shots soon.

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