Saturday, January 18, 2014

Antique Celebration!

Yea you guessed it! I'm rocking away on getting the massive amount of content edited the way it needs for the new categories and I've already completed the 75 galleries that will be called my antique collection! Again here are 8 hot samples from every 10 sets including the first.

A reminder - The 'Antique Collection' has 75 galleries, image size should be around 600x800, is made up of photos taken from our 1st camera, a HP 1.3mp and will also house our collection of videos mostly taken with our 1st video camera, a hand held JVC camcorder.

I will not be posting any images yet from the 'Today & Now Collection' as that will be reserved for when I officially reopen the site for memberships.

And yes even back then I did hardcore set.

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