Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My Long Evening Alone

Hello all my wonderful fans, followers and perhaps future members once I get my site relaunched! I know I haven't been here in a few days but rebuilding my site is taking a massive amount of my time. With over 16,000 photos (200+ galleries), over 200 videos (2days continued viewing) and then having to re-watermark, resize, re-edit and all that to some of the content oh yea and building the site from the ground up including a fantastic sexy tour to go along with it, is no small feat!

So Friday night, Camera Man had this thing to attend after his work and that meant I had an extra long day to myself. These are rare but usually happen around the beginning of the year sometime like now and the middle (sometimes). It wasn't really really late but it was late enough that I got to indulge a bit.

How do I spend my 'alone' time? Well this time around it was nice because it has started to get at least a tad cooler here (my god it hits freezing at night for the first time all winter!) and it still gets dark early (5:30pmish). So I made sure I had plenty of hot water and pampered myself with soft music, a VERY long and VERY hot shower. We're talking you can see the steam moving around the room when I get out of this shower. Doing all the lovely 'girlie' things such as shaving every where I would like and yes that includes my wonderful pussy lips, using some extra products on my hair to make it all fluffy and shiny and just relaxing.

One of my biggest weakness though when I get time alone at night, candle light. I don't have a huge amount of any thing special but every year I do end up going through a couple, perhaps even a few, 200 count boxes of tea lights. That is easily done though because through my living room I can. and usually do, light up to 42 at time. I decided that last Friday I'd just zoom around my living room while I sat here drying off in the warm of a space heater going at full blast (god I love that feeling!) with my webcam and show you what my evening was like.

I was actually quite impressed at the quality of this video to be honest as I don't ever remember my webcam giving me that kind of quality when I was trying to record something years ago! Yes I'm still using my Logitech 9000 HD version but still damn... anyhow, see for yourself what my living room looks like when I have an evening to myself where it's dark and wonderful. Enjoy the candles in HighDef format and just imagine yourself here with me enjoying the soft light, sexy nakedness and soft music as your evening comes to an end! *SMOOCH*

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