Monday, January 20, 2014

Yippee!! Last hurdle Won!

Remember in one or more of my postings labelled under 'site update' that I talked about having everything I needed to re-launch my website but there was just one more hurdle that I needed to get before I could officially launch? Well that hurdle has been won! I now have the one last key element and confirmation of it through e-mail! So, I have a general look for the members side, no clue what to do yet for the tour but that is the least of my worries now!

(sample of what the members entry page is going to be)

The members area is going to be nice, clean, simple and neat. All that you want at the click of a mouse. All 'today & now' videos will be in HD .mp4 format and the older collection will be linked off at a menu that you don't see in the sample above.

So check list...
 ~ building remaining member side pages
 ~ adding all 200+ galleries to their proper places along with the videos
 ~ design a menu for the members area
 ~ design a tour/free side completely
 ~ get everything (20+ gig) in way of photos/videos uploaded
 ~ get billing company to approve said site

Ok so that is mainly what has to be done. It's a small list but the time it will take to add all the content to the pages and then the upload process is what will take the longest. I still have 10days before February so I hope to have it ready in time to launch for the hot Valentines month! And yes, my background and logo will change just as it did with my Southern-Charms site! Member side only though, just to keep it fresh!

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