Thursday, January 16, 2014

Back To The Good Stuff!

While getting this blog up to date, adding the bit less then dozen posts I thought ok to bring over and posting some new stuff on top of it, I have also been working on watermarking all of the galleries that will come back to!

I have now est that upon opening that my site will have something around 200-210 photo updates alone. That does not include videos! Oh that is a whole nother area! With my Southern-Charms site I was SOOOOO limited in my videos. And to this time, I still think that is another reason why I did better with my own site then I have ever with the SC site!

Videos, man, ok I have them sorted as to how I think they should be but I'm not 100% sure. All I do know is that I have 3 sizes roughly. Small 320x240 (places in antique), 640x480 or 768x576 (placed in vintage) and then my HD formate of 1280x720 of course placed in the 'today & now' part that I am thinking of.

But, the problem I have with the videos is that when I started doing them on my own, I didn't exactly know what I was doing until I had the digital flip. So I am going to have to go over what each video looks like, see if I can remember from what time period it was from (older or newer), find which ones I got lazy on that don't include a watermark of any kind and all that fun stuff. But that is something that again can be done as I work on watermarking the next 2/3rds of the galleries that will go live with the site re-launch.

Busy, busy, busy! I believe in something... that every thing happens for a reason. That no matter what, you will always have something you will have learned from any experience that has crossed your path. From my Southern-Charms experience I have learned at least a couple of things.

1. Don't EVER let anyone silence you! If you do not bash, abuse, make it personal or anything else that would be considered harmful, SPEAK UP! If you type your thoughts, if you type too long, if you take too much time to answer something or hell even answer too quickly, this is how YOU are! And if you make a few mistakes in the middle, so be it, that is how one learns.

2. Don't EVER let someone use something you hold dear to you for any kind of exchange. I love having a website and that was held over me time and time again by the owner of SC in the last couple of months. All because I wouldn't submit to their wishes to be quiet. In the end, it caused a hidden removal of access to sign up for new memberships firstly, to ignored emails asking if I should bother to send in another update even (at this point I knew about the membership thing) and then lastly me getting more then fed up and telling them to just go and finish their threat. If you care for something and can do something to ensure it will remain, DO IT! Just don't let it be the choice of someone else.

3. Be yourself... if someone tries to change you, make you who you are not, tell you are something when you aren't... they are full of shit and need to be told so. And more so, when you walk on eggshells, at some point in that process you will lose yourself or at least begin to if you don't take action quickly.

I will keep posting new stuff, progress updates and all that as this continues. I already have hosting set up again, you know about the watermarking and the videos. When that kind of work is done or I need something else to work on while things happen in the back (like currently) I will begin the design itself. This time though it's going to be members side first and then figure out what I really really need for a tour design.

Oh, yea... members side. Again something learned through experiences. I'm going to keep it rather simple. I am going to keep a simple plan of galleries. A simple button style menu at the top, the photo galleries will be in a neat click the image for next or use a menu system for ease of browsing, even with a slide show option! I most likely will not have an actual 'design' for this but rather keep to doing what I was for SC and just create background images through the different months. You know the statement 'KISS' (Keep It Simple, Stupid)? I know once your inside, you just want all the goodies, so they will be easy to get at and easy to view! Now the tour *shiver* that is again a whole nother thing.

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