Monday, January 13, 2014

Welcome! New Year, New Start!

Welcome to my official blog! I have started this blog to replace any work I was doing with Southern-Charms as I am now embarking on a new adventure, re-opening my oldest site but with a brand new look, feel and super hot new content added. I own it, run it, build it, model it and it's me me me. I promise you will not get any one but me answering my emails or any other form of communications from here on my blog to my picture posting sites or my twitter or tumblr pages!

Look for the same hot additions to this blog, often. Special blog only events, private moments, old posts that I thought would be worth re-posting will be added throughout the week and my NEW SITE will be relaunched I hope by the end of the month but that is only 2weeks away. I have all I need within my hands but it will depend how long it takes to re-edit photos, videos and get them uploaded and how much time it takes to come up with a good working design!

Bare with me as the dust settles. Here is the idea for the new members side layout!

Content will now be spread out into 3 categories
Antique - This section is for all the photos that were done with the very first camera Camera Man and I owned which was a HP 1.3 mega pixel. It will also be the location of all videos done with our very first crappy I have to admit hand held camcorder.

Vintage - This section is for all the photos that have been done 99% by the 2nd camera we owned which was a Sony Cybershot 6mp as well as the videos that were done in HQ quality by our 2nd video camera, a hand held digital flip.

Today & Now - This section will be of course, for all the hot new content I have made and will continue to make until such time as I switch cameras. For now I have a very good Cannon 600d DSLR camera and my newest hand held HD version of my digital flip.

So you see I do have some great ideas! Welcome to the blog, check back often as I give you updates, re-post those kept posts from my old blog and start in with new fresh additions! *SMOOCH*

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