Thursday, January 16, 2014

Come Follow/Find Me

Don't forget that I offer a couple of links to follow me around the wonderful WWW, you will find the buttons on the right hand bottom side of my blog. I don't use twitter as often as I should or would like to but I still use it. Mostly it's for cross advertising but once and a while you'll get a silly tweet or a random images that is just for my twitter.

Tumblr though is where all the fun is. I am currently working through about 50 photo sets that I've taken some from to post free for you all to enjoy! I won't be posting those images here in my blog since they are meant for there and other places to advertise though so you best come visit there for all that fun,

 ~ Tumblr Update - There is NEW tumblr page opening soon with my newly watermarked photos. I will have the link posted once I have the images ready to post on it.

I'm sure as time goes on, I will add more places as well but for now that's it. Enjoy what I have to offer and as time goes on, new hot stuff will be placed and open to all to enjoy!

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