Thursday, January 16, 2014

Private Moments #1

Before I start this post a small note... private moments are going to be posts that I'll make every so often throughout that let you into some of my private life with Camera Man. Not every thing we do will be posted about, not every time we do something and certainly by all means is every thing we do filmed. But once and a while we have a hot time between the two of us or perhaps as our swinging side comes out more, the 3 or 4 of us that I just found down right hot and thought I'd share with you.... today being one of them!

So sit back and enjoy... these moments are free from me to all of you, they are real, only happened the day before or the weekend before.. perhaps even the same afternoon.

Today Camera Man is starting to feel better from his 2week long head/cold thing that he has had although for the moment he is now in the bedroom completely passed out for a while! Why? Mmmm because of the recent session we just had between us of course. I don't know any man that when the fun activities end, they aren't dog ass tired, even if we women did most of the work!

Today was just a spur of the moment suggestion. We shut down the TV, the game stations and what not, turn his computer on where he is bound to have some naughty porn to watch. While I grabbed some large towels, some toys and his sexy cock ring, he loaded his computer and put in a mix of short but hot porn scenes and we cuddled up on the couch for a while.... completely naked of course.

We have a fairly new couch... something I refer to as an 'L' couch... big, huge actually, soft and instead of being like a couch, love seat and recliner type set up, it's a big 2 piece unit that fits together by brackets to form an L shape. I love these couches because I find my corner very nicely for a while when watching TV, playing videos games, on my laptop/tablet or any other activity that requires sitting for a while. Or in this case laying.

It didn't take long before soft caresses, low moans, lots of squirming and some naughty 'wouldn't you just love that to happen' talk before Camera Man was hard and throbbing away. Some more soft touches, me making him sit up and reach over to my sweet pussy where upon doing so I spread my legs wide for him to slip a couple of fingers into me just so he got the idea of exactly how wet I already was only a few minutes into this session and we were just getting hotter and hotter from it all.

For what ever reason though, just within like 10mins, I really needed to pee, so I got up, told him to enjoy himself while I took my small break, came back to watching him for a moment stroking his hard cock for me and came sitting next to him, spreading out one of the bigger towels for me to sit and lay on as well (don't want to dirty or wet the new couch now do we??). Instead of laying up against him like I had been, I laid down so that my sweet soft pink wet pussy was in his full view as I grabbed my 10inch dildo and started to spread myself open for his viewing pleaser. I slid it over my pussy for a bit before sliding it deep in. Mmmm he loves seeing me filling my softness, be it with my fingers, my toys or even other objects such as carrots, cucumbers, bananas... ok you get the idea ;)

It wasn't before long before he couldn't resist but slide over a bit and slip his fingers inside of me as well. So there I lay, taking my sweet cunt with my dildo at the same time that he was slipping a couple of his fingers in and out of me. Mmmm I do LOVE to be filled! Soon I was getting so horny that I wanted more, I grabbed my matching vibrator and started to tease him by slipping both it and my dildo into myself at the same time. But that didn't last long before he took control of the dildo itself while I played with the vibrator. My god, I don't know if it was the angle I was laying or just how he was holding it but it took short order for the mix of the dildo being slid in and out while I worked my clit with my vibrator to make start to climax. Mmmm the wave after wave that this sent to me. It's been a long time since I had a climax like that and for an even more rare moment, I went at it again without stopping for a moment even between. The movement of the dildo, the heat of my vibrator and my own hot passion was too much and within moments I was going over the edge again!

Damn... after that my body was spasming, shaking, quivering and more. I was seeing double for a moment or two I think even. I grabbed Camera Man's hand to get some help to sit up and I was greeted by a very hard and throbbing cock. After a moment to compose myself while he continued to tease me by stroking and 'wiggling' his cock at me, I got up, crawled on top and slid myself down on him. I almost climaxed right there and then again from just being way over sensitive and although it wasn't right away, I did have another minor climax a few thrusts later.

Sitting there on our new couch in the 'L' corner of it... him laying back, me bouncing up and down, gently using his chest to keep my balance and mmmm soon I was getting his hands holding my hips tightly, hearing him moan, grunt and then look straight into my eyes as he started to fill my pussy with his load. Yes we ride it together bareback! I love cum and wouldn't want it any other way. While he was cumming and even with a tight grip on me, I still shivered my hips just enough to act as a slight vibrator of my own to ensure he did really explode!

This was certainly an afternoon to remember, it's been so long. I've worked so many hours for the last 2yrs and then him being sick the last 2week really has put a damper on things. It was nice, it was relaxing, it was mmmm.

I hope you enjoyed a peek into one of my private moments with Camera Man and hope you'll enjoy future posts from our encounters.

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