Thursday, January 16, 2014

Do You Know My Clips4sale Stores??

If you don't, then why the hell not?! ;) But no seriously!! I have just shy of 300 videos for you to choose from that I've been uploading to my original Clips4sale Store since around 2005! From webcam captures, videos taken with an actual old time mini camcorder, to a digital flip and now a days with my HD digital flip! Yes, lots of different videos, lots of different years, with or without sound, small or large format and LOTS of different categories!

To top that all off, any of my really new videos made with  the HD flip are also offered to you in my Only HD Clips4sale Store as well! I'm not one to make my stores look overly huge or stuffed with content by adding a bunch of different formats so I opened this one store to house any of my videos in their HD mp4 format and only that!

So if you want some of my hot action in video format, come visit my store! I have lots of ideas in mind this year and they will make for a lot of newly add videos to both of my Clips4Sale Stores and of course you'll find these as well on My Web Site over time with membership!

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