Sunday, March 2, 2014

Current Events

So another long weekend off with Camera Man and wouldn't things have it, the FIRST fucking day he has off and he gets sick! I'm SOOOO tired of people being sick, myself included. We suspect he ended up with some food poisoning of some sort or a tummy bug but he's had a 101.4 temp Friday, in bed all day with blankets/heating blanket and not eating except taking in drinks/pain-fever reducers. Yesterday was a bit better, he was hungry and whatever needed to get purged from his system did so through the wee hours of the night Friday so there is that but he still slept most of the afternoon. Today we enjoyed an egg breakfast together but shortly after he was again laying down for some sleep.

I'm tired of putting things off due to no time, someone is sick/hurt or what have you :( He still has off tomorrow so I'm hoping he'll be up to doing SOMETHING in the way of videos or photos. We had planned to get in shots every day this long weekend but yea well there went that again. I blame the weather really. We have had hardly a day that even had a low of under freezing and I think due to that, people are not caring for themselves the way they would with the harder winters around and being careless in the way of keeping themselves healthy.

I really do wish he was feeling better today though, it's sunny and I mean BRIGHT ass sunny! It would have been a perfect day in an hr to have the sun shinning right in my bedroom window or earlier today right into the living room. It annoys me to no end to waste a day like this sitting around the friggin' house doing nothing but computer work or house work. I want to be doing fun things, I want be having sex... long hot steamy caught on video/photo sex, I want to be chatting with my fans & members. I just don't want to sit here any more! Besides, it makes me look bad because we haven't had time between work and sickness to do shoots and there for I haven't been able to update my new site.

I guess at least I was able to come up with a new comp template while sitting here feeling sorry for myself and will be launching them soon. I'll be put up a new post with all of the ones I will make, they will only start with the 'Today Collection' seeing as that is the one that will be updated and need to be advertised.

Anyhow, off my soap box! There are some other posts to be written, some comps to be made and my slow oven baked simmer pot of stew to smell and watch out for. Be patient with me, the new site is a lot to take on board and it's not just 1 person that has to be part of it but 2. Our schedules just have to come together again, winter is hard on every one. *SMOOCH*

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