Sunday, March 23, 2014

Relaxing Afternoon

Onto something more pleasant :) It has been a VERY wild week and toward the end I really just need a 'quiet moment' as it were, which is really rather hard to find in this damn over crowded city!

So while out Thursday I grabbed myself some lunch to go, some dessert and took off driving. I had to go toward a part of the city I don't get to go often to pick up some custom made shorts from a tailor I asked to make me some and from there I drove about 15mins into a big open kind of trucking industrial area. Open space, semi quiet, long open road, lots of sunshine and time to myself. Perfect!

I turned around to a space across the road to park, pushed my chair back as far as it would go, put some good music on the speakers and dug into my lunch. I think I posted about my current food weakness being a certain sushi roll named the 'Sunrise Roll'. I got a couple of them! Mmmm YEA! I almost forgot that I had my smart phone with me and oh yea the camera in it! But I did manage to remember before it was all too late.

(salmon, cream cheese & avocado on the inside - salmon, apple/onion sauce & fish eggs outside)

My dessert of choice this day was a liquid one by the means of, and yes we have them out here even if it's only very recently, a hot Starbucks coffee. But not just any coffee! A decaf peppermint mocha! *drool*. 2 shots of hot espresso coffee, hot steamed milk, squirts of chocolate sauce and to top it all off squirts of peppermint syrup! Perfect ending to lunch I must say, but damn do you see all the things marked on my cup?! :P Skinny milk (non-fat) - check, decaf - check, mocha (chocolate) - check, peppermint syrup - check and no whipped cream - check. Yea yea, no whipped cream! I rather have the room that takes up filled with more yummy steamed milk to drink rather then whipped cream that just melts and I never notice it.

And while I was finishing my liquid dessert, I looked around, watched the trucks going in and out, listened to some music and thought of all my poor people back in the USA who are still only wishing it'd get warm enough to melt the snow and took this shot just to keep you feeling bright and keeping your hopes going that it will come! Here in Belgium, we've had 60's most of the week with LOTS of sun! Now it's a week of starting in the low 50's and working to the mid-60's by the weekend with more sun predicted, I can't wait! Camera Man promised me that if it does stay that way, we'll go for some drives with me all dolled up in some sexy dresses I have and the camera!

(yes, it's a small field of freshly grown dandelions)

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