Sunday, March 2, 2014

My New Comp Look

Well, I worked on it all day and finally came up with something that will work well not only with the look & feel of my new design but will also work well with the required size of most sites. With each photo comp, one gets to see one full size 900x600 pixel image and 2 smaller samples along side it.

I even managed to get this comp template to work well with video snaps too! And now you get to see a bigger sized snapshot and 6 of them instead of my old 4in1 images. Enjoy the first 2 that I've made and more will come. I've even added a whole new category for them here on my blog so that these entries will be easier to find. Oh and of course, I'll be adding an additional page to tour for 'recent updates' so there is a place to show case them too.

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