Friday, March 7, 2014

Private Moments #5

Hello all my wonderful happy people! As you know from the blog, there have been some ups and downs in the way of everyone getting something sickness wise but I hope my little encounter this morning was only the tip of what is to come this weekend *moan*.

I'm here to share with you what my wake up this morning was like. Weather here is still being quite mild to us so the bedrooms aren't too cold or chilly atm. Although I was well sparked a bit last night by Camera Man paying some attention to one of my recent turn-ons lately of men with this cocks just out of their zipper while dressed in a suit/tie situation, it never got any where which I was quite disappointed in.

This morning how ever *moan*. Although not the fetish above, still hot as hell. Having Camera Man coming into me totally naked, asking me just how awake I was as he really needed to ask as almost the same time he was pushing the covers off me. I responded with no words... I just rolled over, smiled and then climbed (I hope not too quickly LOL) to my knees so I was in a hot doggy style position.

Now see there is just one down fall to morning quickies... they are ummm quickies :D This morning was one of the longer ones though and it just fueled my desires this week even more! He climbed between my legs and as I bent over a bit more he spread my pussy and got the first feel of just exactly how horny I have been lately because I was already quite wet without even being touched. You know guys, the same as you'd wake with a hard on ;).

He wanted IN... not even taking the time to get fully hard before trying which well when I'm in this state just won't happen. So another try but this time teasing my pussy by finger fucking me while rubbing at my clit... my god! He was such a fucking tease this morning! Is this what we would call a 'cock tease' but female version?! And although he did get semi hard from doing this, still not hard enough to push into my now even tighter pussy (was worth the try but hey what can a tight wet pussy suppose to do when it gets teased?!) so he got up for a moment and got our ever loved cock ring and bam... instant brick breaking hard on!

He gets back behind me and finds my wet sweet hole and mmmm pushes in. God it felt soooo good. I know he doesn't last long even with his ring and I even am a brat and encourage him to cum in me, to fill my sweet little pussy, speaking to him in both english and in flemish (he gets a real turn on when I can/remember to, specially if I'm being a little slut for him!) and soon he was warning me he was going to cum already and I was just beckoning him on more and more until he thrust one last hot hard time as deep as he could get and exploded! *MOAN* God I love when I feel pump after pump of his hot cum filling me!

Now I can only hope there will be many more hot moments this weekend as we try to get back to sleeping in the same bed without someone being sick and also try for more photos!

Don't forget to check later today for a hot update! I have a sexy close up showing off my pussy & ass HD video for update today! You can find it at My Web Site in a few hours. I'll also be here to post about it as well. After all, I have all my hot new comps to use! Also I'll be adding a new 'updates' page to the tour while I enter the new update.

*shiver* *moan* *gasp* I sure do hope Camera Man can hold out to well get LOTS of pleasures going this weekend! I mean just sitting here I can feel his cum still dripping from my pussy, so much so that I'm sitting on a towel just to save my new chair seat from getting a dose of juices!

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