Sunday, March 2, 2014

March Is For The Irish!

It's a new month, gawd.... it's now already the 3rd month into the year! This month is all dedicated to the luck of the Irish as we celebrate St. Patrick's Day! I hope you enjoy the background image I picked and the new logo that I made for this month. And here holding up a big pint of green beer to help encourage a better, brighter and fucking hotter month!! Green is not normally my color so there isn't much in the way of it but I do remember having an outfit or 2 that might go well in some shoots for this month... at least one I know for sure so above all else, we'll get that up for the celebrated day!

Remember, you can find these new logos and backgrounds within My Website as well. I've made it clean and simple to get around and easy to keep it fresh!

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