Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lost Content Added!

Plus a change being made....

Firstly while fixing an error created by Clips4sale I found another 5 'antique collection' videos, 3 hot HD videos and a hidden treasure of a photo set that will go into the vintage collection that has another 116 photos on top of it all! The first 5 antique videos have been added, the 3 HD videos I'll add sometime through out the week (where the 'plus a change being made' thing comes into play) and I'll also get up that photo set. The photo set though, well you just have to Grab Yourself A Membership if you want to know more about it but let me say, the set does involve another hot BBW with me!

As for the change being made... When I was doing the weekly update, as 90% of the time, I went to check to make sure the links and such worked. I freaked out when I tried to open one of the mp4 video files I am using for the "Today & Now Collection' and it gave me in Firefox 'file corrupt' even though it isn't. I found that there was a setting in FF that needed to be changed but it's really only a setting more advanced user would really know about changing. This made me rethink the whole mp4 format. So at current I'm working through my video converter to find the right settings to make the mp4 format convert to wmv format without too much loss in quality but not making the file size any larger then the mp4 format originally was. I'm *almost* at the correct settings. Only way to do this is to re-save, look at size compared to original and open it to see the quality. But before I go to bed (which is soon) I will have the final settings figured out, let it run the close to 50 HD videos into wmv format while I'm sleeping. Then tomorrow I will upload these and with a simple change to Today's Collection page code wise, the videos will be all wmv format and no worries to anyone I hope. Specially those of you that just want to view my hot content without worrying of making software tweaks before being able to view it!

If you are already a member and want the best way to view those videos before I get them up at wmv, simply right-click over any of the video links and click 'save as' and you'll have a copy you can open directly from your system.

Ok, back to our normally scheduled program already in progress. Next Friday's update is not totally figured out yet except that at least it could be another hot HD video but I would like to update with photos. Will just depend on tomorrow and the week to come.

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