Sunday, March 2, 2014

Simpsons Tapped Out - Friendship Time!

Not sure what pushed EA to put this out but hey I'm not complaining about new goodies and such! So come join me in their new event all centered around Friend Points. You can visit every friend on your friend's list every 24hrs real life time. Each friend you can help collect from their stuff 3x's, each collection is worth 10 friend points. So far I already have 500 points and it works just like Christmas and Halloween did. You start collecting these points and at certain mile stones you receive a free in-game goodie. They even left in the small adapted bonus that for every few actions, you get a few free friend points too. The first goodie is at 1000 friend points and I'm half way there, come join me and I promise to be there once every 24hrs to give you a helping hand! Add curvykittysc2 to your friends list and I'll add you within a day. I play at least once a day and now a days more like twice a day or more.

Remember the game is 100% free to play so come join me!!

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