Saturday, March 29, 2014

Important Site Info

I was trying to avoid this but due to the rules of CCbill (the billing provider) my site first has to be working on the new servers so that they can go in and approve it. Once that is done, everything will be back in order.

Update has been postponed due to this because while the domain name ( is having the DNS server change, the site becomes unusable and perhaps even not able to be loaded at all. This process can take up to 24hrs to complete and then it will be an addition 1-3days for CCbill to get in, put their script in place and approve the site again. After that, all my wonderful members will have their normal working accounts and be able to log in without any hassles.

IMPORTANT - All currently active non-recurring memberships from today or before (March 29th, 2014) will have 1 week extra added to their membership when the site is ready to log into again. All recurring accounts will have to check the email account on which they signed up with for a email from me for a special offer to make up for the lost days as I can't 'add' days to a recurring account.

If you see the site up and are able to log in but it's only been 24hrs or so, you are not yet on the new hosting. If you are *not* able to log in, check back in a day or 2 and you will be able to. If you have set your email to notify you of when your subscription is to expire, add 1 week to that date as I don't control those emails either. If in about 5 days, you can still not log in, please write an e-mail to with the subject 'active membership, can't log in'. I will get to you asap (within 24hrs) and have it fixed if there should be a problem. Remember, all currently active memberships will be able to use their original UN and PW, this will not change.

Thank you for all of your wonderful understanding and patience while this moves over. Once there, I hope to have a long and happy home with new (faster) hosting and with the still ever award winning & trusted billing provider CCbill with all the options of Visa, Mastercard, JBC and all EU direct debit services.

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