Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Extra Special Update - March 25th, 2014

A new time, a new moment and hot new content! I've added a new category to my blog called 'extra special updates'. This is now the home to what will be all the extra stuff that I add to my site that is not a normal weekly Friday update. That will include but not limited to web cam shots (like tonight), selfies made with my smart phone and any other extra content I make in the way of photos, videos or perhaps even audios with any devices I have that are not my main equipment.

Tonight is the first of these. Although a small set, I wanted to share my last candle lit evening in photo format but because Camera Man went to bed quite early due to ummm well other more relaxing moments tonight, I found myself messing around with my web cam.

I've added some snaps from tonight. Remember, these are just extras and in this came web cam taken in candle light no less but still sexy shots of me in hot lingerie while showing off my curves! This is just one of 15 images I placed in the 'Extras' section located within the MEMBERS ONLY area. Any new we cam shots I take are in 1200x900pixel format. *SMOOCH*

(click the image for a larger preview)

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