Friday, March 14, 2014

General Site Changes & Stuff

Hello all my wonderful peps. It's update day and well let me say that for me and Camera Man it's been a week of hell. I apologize for not being around much but I didn't forget about you all :) Some real life problems that needed to be taken care of finally hit the ceiling and we needed to do something about it and well it comes down to something we all don't like to deal with, money and debt. There is still plenty of stress atm as what we needed to do is still in it's baby steps but at least things are now looking brighter and more secure. And this all has to happen just as the main desk top computer goes belly up *sigh* oh well. Onto better things I hope :D

General site changes... while doing today's update I made the change I wanted to the videos in the main collection area. Instead of just offering either WMV or MP4 I decided that since when I edit videos they re-save in MP4 format anyhow, that I'd offer you all both to choose from. The main reason for this is because when you keep re-saving videos, specially in the conversion type save, you lose quality. When you are in HD format like these videos are, you can more then clearly see this difference. So I figured I'd leave the MP4 format for those that want it and know how to make it work properly but now I also offer the WMV format that is around the same file size but with a bit lesser quality although still not bad either for those that just want a smooth no hassle with computer type things.

I've also made a new tour page! I figured I'd better get something in there to show case the newest updates & comps that I make! So come TAKE A LOOK! Take my tour and don't forget to click the images to see a nice enlarged size! And well, if you like what I offer, come by and grab a membership too if you want to help things out! There are LOTS of ideas still coming, we've had AMAZINGLY warm weather here the last week or so which means spring/summer are just around the corner and I get crazy hyper in the warmer months!

I've included a snapshot on how the format has changed the video section of the members area (and yes every videos shown in this snap are videos ready to view right now with a members). I hope to see you on the flip side! *SMOOCH*

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