Friday, March 28, 2014

Lingerie/Shoot Clothing Preview #1

Another idea to the blog was the addition of what items I have in stock to shoot with. Of course, you get to see more shots of these items before they are even in a set within my MEMEBERS ONLY area as well. I'll come in every so often and make some postings for this.

These are all 'natural' shots. No make up, no special props, no jewelry, no nothing. Just natural every day at home me to show you what the lingerie and/or clothing item I have in store to use is, how it looks and then to see the magic I can do with it just by adding my glamor touch!

(click an image for a larger preview)

I think I have something close to if not over 100 different lingerie or shoot clothing items. I don't have photos of all of it yet except in a bunch of crates but as time goes on I'll post what I can here. This remember is just an idea of what will be coming to MY WEB SITE in the future! *SMOOCH*

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