Saturday, August 2, 2014

Soooo Many Posts To Make!

Man this last few days has brought just so much to talk about! But hey that is what this blog is for! Get to know me, get an insight into what I'm like, what I do in my time, what is going to come to my site/s, what has been put on my sites, my likes/dislikes and anything else I can imagine to put on here... some of the stuff just from this past Thursday night has come up and will be posted here between today and tomorrow. Below some thoughts on what to post but are not necessarily in the order I'll be posting and I will come back to link them all to the post when I make it.

 ~ Spider attack!
 ~ Replacement lingerie
 ~ New electrical prop
 ~ At-home sushi buffet
 ~ Sample photos/vids
 ~ Underwater Camcorder/Camera Review
 ~ Chat about some favorite chocolates
 ~ Shooting session Friday night
 ~ New fingernail props
 ~ Fetish - new fingernail design
 ~ At least *3* more toy review posts, more like 5 now.
    ~ Pearl Beaded 'Prolong' Ring Toy Review
 ~ Underwater Camcorder Review

I'm sure with all that has been going on since Thursday night, I missed something in that list but I have lots to talk about and about all sorts of things. So sit back, enjoy the postings, samples, insight to my life and more. Remember to check out My Web Site if you want my really naughty/sexy stuff or even My Clips4sale Store if you're interested in any of the 300+ videos that are now being upload in high def format that I have.

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