Sunday, August 24, 2014

Weekly Site Update - August 24th, 2014

Another week and another hot update! Today I've placed both a small fun but I think really sexy photo set as well as (by popular demand no less! You guys really are pervs ya know ;) such a demand to see my phat pussy squirting!) the 2nd half of my LED masturbating video where you get to now see all the hot squirting action! I've also, for members only of course, linked the full version of the video.

The photo set is small, it's just a 'fun' set that Camera Man and I got while we were messing around but it came out good enough to use to give you all a bit of an extra. We were playing with an above bed mirror (you'll see this in up coming sets more too) as well as a neat thing, a black light that was in the hotel room! There is more black light shots but a few flash lit shots as well mixed into the photo set just to show you all the difference. These were taken while Camera Man was holding the camera so forgive the shake here and there but I can't wait to see the results when he has the camera on it's tripod!

This photo set got me off on a whole new stage though! I'll be posting about that in the next post however. For now, enjoy the update. Remember you can get all of this with a low cost membership to and there is even a better deal if you choose to have a recurring account! *KISSES*

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