Saturday, August 2, 2014

Fetish - New Fingernail Decorations

You know from time to time I redo my fingernails when I have them at least semi long and able to be worked on. And yes my nails are all natural, never fake. If I do anything fake, it's strictly for a photo or video shoot and they come off right away after or I'll damage the real ones!

Anyhow, this was from last week. ATM I just have them nice, neat and tidy without decorations but that will change most likely tomorrow when I go to experiment with some new props I bought this week.

Hope all of you fingernail lovers out there enjoy! The decorations this time around are black flowers with some small gems. Remember, I'm a glamour girl, this is my kind of thing so your sure to see lots of this stuff on My Web Site and not just this but different nail polish colors and even my sexy little fat toenails done! *KISS*

(do you like the boobie shot too??)

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