Friday, August 8, 2014

Tired Of The World Lately

You'll find a post like this every so often because well lets face it, these are part of how my brain works and this is the place best suited to post what I feel about stuff in general.

This past week has gotten to me.... why? Lots of reasons.....
1. Tried going back to work but it was a 100% FAIL. 2hrs before the end of the shift, I was told to come and prove paper work to my health insurance place and for the moment I shouldn't be working because their doctor hadn't seen me nor did they have any proof that I should be working yet. This resulted in being told of by one of my co-workers who have *NO* fucking clue what has happened, what the insurance is or is not doing, what the work insurance is or is not doing (the ones who SHOULD be paying for this accident in the first place) and certainly no clue as to how badly I was injured. All he knows is if it were 'him' he would tell the health insurance off, finish his shift and not 'let his team down'. I am and will *NOT* risk 2000euro for 15euro (the 2hrs I gave up). If I don't jump as high as the health insurance places tells me to when they tell me to and how they tell me to, I risk not getting paid at all should something with my work's insurance not happen to cover the accident (it was on the way to work and out here that is also a work related accident as it was on company time/pay). So sorry, *NO*.

2. Bullshit music blasting, non-crowd controlling, idiot night dance cafes who can't tell if it's 2am or 2pm and figure that 1am/2am or later is a good time to start with the up/down/up/down/blast it because it's a good song (to them). Today I dealt with the cafe next door to me starting to blast their music loud enough that I could hear it through every room in the apartment, through the front window and OVER the down pouring rain starting at around 3pm today. At a bit before 4pm I finally started to took measures against it and messaged the owner to ask why at 4pm in the afternoon I had to deal with hearing the music so loudly in the middle of the day in the middle of the rain already and if I didn't have to deal with it enough in the evenings much less have to do it during the one part of the day I shouldn't have to. It's a NIGHT dance cafe... WTF!?

3. Being given double fucking standards. Here is this this and that rule for everyone. Then turn around and that that and that person is allowed to do it totally the other way then everyone else was told to do. I'm tired of people making rules, then deciding yea well you know what, never mind, go ahead and do this instead or ignore the rule we originally made. Not taking into count how many of us followed said rule when told to or for how long we followed it. It's just wrong and unfair.

4. People thinking that 'fat' people are 'unhealthy'. People do *NOT* look at one's lifestyle but instead stereotype all people purely by the way they look. They take into no consideration that skinny people can be unhealthy and can even be MORE unhealthy then a larger person. A skinny person for example can sit around the house all day, smoke like a chimney, drink nothing but sugared soda and play video games but show a fat person doing what they like to do out in public, moving around, showing off who they are and how proud they are and they just get told 'your fat, eat less, lose weight, move more' and all the rest of the bullshit that people have thrown on today's world. LEAVE FAT PEOPLE ALONE! We are HUMAN just like yourself, we have feelings, we have habits, we have lives, we have families, we have people who love us and we can be hurt just like any other 'skinny' person can be. Let us be and let us live our lives! Who gives YOU the right to judge WHO we are and HOW we should act? For that fact, who decides that for ANYONE, fat or thin?? Other then the obligated law type things that is.

Ok so that is what is bothering me tonight. It's almost 3am,  I couldn't sleep so I came here to vent and grab something to drink. Now going to go and try to sleep some more

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