Saturday, August 2, 2014

What I Went To Bed With!

Been a while since I posted just a general babble entry but this was worthy! So, long day yesterday... LOTS of annoying shit during the day hours but the afternoon/evening/early night were fun with another shoot during the late afternoon/early evening at the new whirl pool hotel that Camera Man and I have been visiting. We came home with a fulfilled feeling of what we got made (100+ photo set and 4 videos). We stopped and got sushi for dinner, some dessert, watched TV and then it was bed time.

Now Camera Man and I sleep in separate rooms due to the past of him snoring a lot but now corrected by a sleep app machine but so use to sleeping apart for 8+ yrs that we just haven't gotten back into the same room/bed yet.

So I come to bed, get my stuff settled and go to put my phone on my side table when I found this waiting for me just inches away....

It was sitting upside down on the bottom of my curtain! You can see my night table light just in the right corner and my creams just under it. Now remember from some of my bedroom shots, that end table sits about 1-foot wide and my bed sits RIGHT againt it! So that little (ok he wasn't so little!) fucker was sitting like this waiting for me. How he got there, when he got there or how long he was there for I have no idea but what I do know, is I didn't sleep for about 2hrs after laying back down after finding him there as directly as I did! I can't say I hate spiders or jump out of my skin by them but I do get the creeps from them and certainly when it's just before bed and almost face butting the fucker!

So that was the ending to a wonderfully annoying day with some good stuff in the end. LOL it was just too much and I thought I'd share!

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