Sunday, August 3, 2014

Some Minor Web Site Changes

Ok, it's been a long afternoon but I needed to make some more behind the scenes changes but some small things you will notice in the members area of

I was offering both .WMV and .MP4 format of my videos. Because it seems even some of the more advanced computer users were still having some issues with the MP4 format not working with this browser or that browser and what not, I decided that I would simply save myself and my members the hassle and removed the .MP4 format all together. That leaves, still in High Def 1280x720pixel, the .WMV format which is more read then most formats. There is VERY little difference between the two formats so it was decided. Not only does this save me a lot of issues with converting but it also saves the issue I was having with people telling me they were getting 'file corrupted' errors in FireFox strictly toward the .MP4 format because of some settings FF itself has not set up right to read all of the .MP4 formats. The files were never corrupted, but FF couldn't read it right so it gives that error.

On that note, I also changed from using separate thumbnails in My Members Area to using smaller images of the comps I made for both photo sets and videos. This gives a much cleaner appearance in whole but also saves me the work of always finding a new image for members side vs the free side. Now it's all about the comps!

All the wonderful content is still there, the links are fresh now as well. Instead of it just being a couple of small text links below the image, the image itself now links off to the photo set and/or video. Easier for you to click one-handed ;)

So enjoy the site, I hope you like the small changes I made and that you will be certain to E-mail me if you have any problems, just want to have a friendly chat or even have a special request or 2. You never know what I might be up to! Just remember, keep requests civil. Take a look at what I provide and ask me based on what I post already. If you think it's a glamour style request but I haven't made any, shoot... if it's a way out there type request and doesn't really deal with the glamour side of me, most likely I won't be doing it. Simple. Happy Horny Feelings! *SMOOCH*

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