Sunday, August 24, 2014

Toy Review - Kama-Sutra Honey Dust

Ok ok ok! I keep getting asked what the containers I bring out is are in some of my photos and videos. I figured why not make a review about it though since I do find it more of a sexual enhancement toy rather then a body pampering type thing that some people find it to be.

If you're a follower of My Site, you'll see every so often I bring out a small canister with powder in it. It's called Honey Dust. It's made by the Kama-Sutra company and unless they have brought out new flavors/scents since I last bought some, which was quite some time ago I'm afraid, they have 3 of them... Original Honey Suckle, Raspberry Kiss and Tangerine & Cream.

Now I've just done some short online research and it seems 2 new scents/flavors have come out including Chocolate Kiss and Strawberry Dreams while it seems that the Tangerine & Cream may have been discontinued as I can only find a rare site or 2 that have it for sale still, not including the original Kama-Sutra site.

I will say that the Kama-Sutra site itself is not the cheapest place to get these powders. I have seen them up to as much as half the cost on other sites so I will say shop around first before. They are more then worth the price that Kama Sutra asks but hey in this world, if you can get them cheaper why not true?

I got hooked on these powders a VERY long time ago, before Camera Man and I met or even knew one another even lived on this world together. I don't remember the encounter clearly except he was an older more experienced man that I had an ummm rather discrete meeting with if you know what I mean. He introduced me to the original honey suckle one but at the time I was not one to go buy it. Now that I'm older, why not indulge in the thing I like most!

The main powders come in a silken bag (the power itself is in plastic inside that pouch for protection however) that is housed in a nicely decorated canister and comes with a authentic ostridge feather for it's applicator. It's very silky and smooth to the touch, smells wonderful and best of all it's editable! Oh and it's gluten-free for those who can't have wheat.

Sprinkle it, rub it, caress with it, lick it off.... there are so many naughty things you can do with this wonderful powder to enhance your bedroom experiences that you'll be kept more than busy through the whole container!

You will find that one of the single flavor/scented containers that holds 8oz (225grams) will last you a great while if you are using it strictly for bedroom fun (there are a number of other non-bedroom fun uses for it as well but hey this is all about being naughty here). Think about an entire cup of the stuff and applying it with a small feather duster... powder here remember!

You can find me using my set of these powders already on My Web Site in both videos and some photo sets. I'll still make some new reviews as well when things settle enough to do so.

Go on, give it a try. You can buy them all separate or you can look farther to find kits with smaller sample versions and even kits that come with other Kama Sutra products from the same scent/flavor. Below are my 2 container, the original honey suckle scent/flavor and my so far favorite, raspberry kiss. They are quite old now so they are still in the older style containers but I intend to buy some more now that I found they have a couple of others out to try!

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