Thursday, August 7, 2014

Favorite Food - Quality Street

I have 2 entries to make about some feed that I love along with some photos so it was a toss up between which to post first but since I'm sitting here nibbling on some of these I thought I'd post about them first.

I, like I think most women bbw or not, love chocolate at least a bit. I am of course no acception ;) For the moment my chocolate fix happens to be a nice big tin of Quality Street chocolates.

I like this mix so much because it comes with 12 different kinds within what ever tin/box I buy. Although I wish they'd include more of some over more then the others, I really do enjoy all of them when it comes down to it. I do admit I don't care for the little caramel 'medallion' ones as they have no chocolate and are a hardish caramel. I like caramels that are soft or even liquidish like Rolos are but I can't have those due to a factory of gluten warning on them.

You'll see from the photos I took the bottom image... that is the little disc paper that is in every tin, when you buy a box, it's on the box instead. And in the order that you see above from left to right, top to bottom :)

1. Orange Chocolate Crunch (1 of my top 2 favorites, I have a huge weakness for orange/chocolate things!) - milk chocolate with little candies orange crisps mixed in
2. Orange Cream (the 2nd of my favorite 2) - orange cream in milk chocolate
3. Noisette Triangle - milk chocolate with praline filling
4. Milk Chocolate Block - just what it says
5. Caramel Swirl - softish caremal in milk chocolate (their version of Rolo in short)
6. Strawberry Dream - Strawberry cream in milk chocolate
7. Toffee Penny (the one I don't really care for) - Just a hardish piece of caramel without chocolate at all
8. Toffee Deluxe - chewy caramel in milk chocolate (think Rolos on steroids)
9. Coconut Eclair - coconut paste in milk chocolate (their version of Mounds bars but finer coconut)
10. Toffee Finger (don't mind this one because it has chocolate) - hardish caramel covered in milk chocolate
11. Fudge - fudge fondue in milk chocolate
12. Hazelnut In Caramel - a whole hazel nut encased in soft caramel and then in milk chocolate

It's a pretty good mix over all and not too expensive. A tin like this of roughly a pound worth of chocolates runs me between 6euro and 7euro. It's a good go too when I want chocolate and I know it's gluten free! So there you have it, another yummy I like. I have another post to be made about some food I like but we'll save that for another time. *KISSES*

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