Friday, August 29, 2014

At Home Sushi Buffet

This was quite a few weeks ago when Camera Man and I were having our fun with the whirl pool hotel (that is still there but we need to take a break from it and do some other stuff too or the only thing we'll have on stock is that hotel... not exactly good either) but with all the posts I've had between this was kind of put on hold.

Now that I have some spare time and it's been a few days since I last posted I thought I'd share with you how Camera Man and I liked to end a wonderfully hot, sexy and sexy filled day out.... sushi night! As many of you know by now, I can't eat gluten products so that also means I have very very little in the way of places I can go out to get something out. Right now that is limited to what I trust of 2 places, a kind of place like you would think of a school cafeteria type situation but then more advanced and a lot better for you and a sushi place that I've gotten to trust quite a lot. The first is nice if I want a grilled hamburger or chicken breast as they have an open grill but that about all I have for selection while the sushi place has lots open to me as long as it's not battered, there is no artificial crab and they leave out things that have soy sauce (it's wheat based for some reason).

This last time we ordered from there I asked them if they would come up with something different and gave them a price range. What they came up with was ok but won't be my beloved sunrise rolls (also shown below). The one was more of a dessert type roll then a main meal with apple in it, the next was a mix of different fish and then of course my sunrise roll, that's the one with all the salmon so it's the pink on in the middle of everything. All of the dishes include avocado in some form with exception of Camera Man's combo dish.

On the right hand side is Camera Man's dishes and he usually gets a combo mix which is the mixed package you see and the one right next to it is a in-out roll with eel and avocado. It was a wonderful meal and REALLY filling, so much so that I had left overs for the next morning *yum*. And the little glass bottle on the table is Sake... what better to go with sushi!

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