Saturday, August 2, 2014

Toy Review - Pearl Beaded Prolong Ring

Or in other words, cock ring :P Sorry in advance for the shitty photo, I will try to get a better shot of it tomorrow when there is more light but remember this stuff is done by webcam, not my canon as 'extras' from me to you. When I make the videos for the free live review (non-naughty... no no, you have to be a member of My Web Site if you want to see these reviews in adult action!) I'll make sure the light is much better or record them in another room/spot.

For now... this is both Camera Man and mine most favored cock ring. This is the current ring we ordered from Adam & Eve Online. This is our 2nd (and 3rd as I bought 2 while I was ordering anyhow, you know... just in case!) as Camera Man's first one broke leaving only a few of the beads all over the bedroom floor. This mind you was after 5+ years of usage!

This ring is the perfect fit if you are of an 'average' cock girth. It is meant to go on while either completely soft (if you can manage to get it over the head) or while only semi hard. If you should place it while totally hard already, you can do it but I suggest to not stretch the ring so much as it will only mean that it will wear out quicker due to the silicon ring that supports it will be caused to over stretch.

Camera Man and I enjoy this ring because of a few factors...
 ~ It indeed helps you hold off a bit longer then without it. As Camera Man said not too long ago, it indeed makes it so that he only ends up cumming when there is truly no returning point any more and not before.
 ~ It adds not only extra hardness but girth and length
 ~ Because of the pearl action in it, it's easy to get on and off but I do suggest that he himself puts it on or have him show you exactly how to put it on. It will be easier for him to do though as he knows his limits with such items.
 ~ It's small and discreet. It's only about 1-2inches in total size. It not only is well hidden if you don't shave to the bare skin and put it to the base of your shaft (your hair will cover it mostly) but it's also small enough to pack away in your pocket if your traveling. No metal parts to it either so no worries of metal detectors if you fly with it.
 ~ As good as no maintenance. This outside ring is 1 piece that folds over at 1 point (the 1 larger 'pearl') and being it is made of silicone it makes an almost 100% waterproof seal. He has used it recently under water... no better way to test this factor! A small rinse with water or a good towel dry directly after use if you should get it messy and your good to go.
 ~ As there are some heavy allergies to latex, you don't have to worry at all with this little beauty either as it is 100% silicon on the outside with plastic 'pearls' on the inside.

 ~ It isn't really a ring that can easily be put on by your partner as it's rather small (see Lasso Review coming soon) and does have quite some power when you try to stretch or pull it larger.
 ~ As with any cock ring, you still shouldn't wear it for hours but it is one ring that if you are using/playing with your cock and allowing the pearls to help work things, does regenerate blood flow unlike single piece stay in place rings so it does allow for it to be used longer then most standard ones.
 ~ If you don't shave to the skin, you have to be careful when putting it on or off as to not tangle the hair in it. It is made of silicone and it is 1 piece that does not have much room for error when it comes to hair.

All in all, Camera Man & I give this a 9 out of 10 score. Minus a point due to the VERY minor cons. You can see a number of videos and some photo sets already in the member side of My Web Site for this item but we will still make a new video to show for the member side review!

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