Sunday, August 10, 2014

Weekly Site Update - August 10th, 2014

Today's update is smoking hot! I was at another of the 30+ rooms at the whirl pool hotel Camera Man and I have been visiting as of late for our shooting and man oh man what some back drops these rooms are giving us!!

I'm dressed in a animal print bikini to start off with and it's been almost 10yrs since I was last in a bikini! I've added one of the photos from 'way back when' showing off in a bikini. That set was taken when we first started shooting and were still using an HP 1.3mp digital camera (our first camera!).

In this set you get 155 photos total. Showing off my beautiful curves, rolls and good bits. I show off my new under water video camera in some shots, my sexy new vibrator and lots of butt! Hope you enjoy and yes there are even pussy shots ;) Come VISIT MY SITE to see this set along with over 17,000 other photos AND roughly 300 videos... not to mention weekly updates! *KISSES*

(pssst, do you think I've change much over the last 10yrs?!)

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