Friday, August 8, 2014

Updated My Wish List

It was about 6 months ago that I had updated my wish list, some items moved, some didn't have the same information and some just were wrong after I went searching. And now with Christmas heading our way in a few months here, I added some very nice but ever so expensive items to it in hopes one of my beloved fans or members will like my taste in holiday lingerie and want to see me badly enough in it to buy it for me.

Remember, something a lot of you seem to forget, it is not free for models such as myself to bring you the wonderful photos, videos and other content we do for you. The lingerie, the props, the electrical equipment (cameras, lights, computers ect) and all the rest cost us from pocket. Most of our sites don't bring enough to cover these expenses even. So we reach out to you as our fans and members to help us out in the way of making wish lists or showing you where you can buy something we need/want for use with our sites.

You can find my lingerie/shoe wish list below but I also accept amazon gift card in any amount and buy things for the site through amazon myself. Amazon is soooo big, that it is not worth making a full on list but there are a couple of items there too from me... you can find that at My Amazon List but sending a gift card is as easy as just entering the E-mail address of when sending a gift card.

Remember, without you as our fans and members and without your support, we don't last... so help a glamour girl such as myself out and see if there is something on my list below that you'd like to see me in and I promise, you won't be disappointed! Remember all 'gifts' get HIGHEST priority when I make my content and I try to do as much with that gift as possible. Not to mention you get my fullest attention personally too!

Remember the list above is just a bit of what I like to keep the list shorter. If you click the link above the image, feel free to pick something else if you'd like to see me in it but please first ask about sizes! I don't want to waste your money, time or the time of the shop owner if it's the wrong size. It's nice gester but sizing is everything!

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