Thursday, July 31, 2014

Weekend Ideas/Plans

I had been trying to plan a really nice get away with Camera Man this weekend as I now officially have my 'you can return to work full duty/hours' paper from my doctor so Monday I return to work as long as the boss man give me them! I did find a new hotel toward the sea side of Belgium but because it's high season for hotels and nice weather too, it was booked before I had a chance for this weekend.

Bummed out, I started to look for more hotels toward the sea side and didn't find anything I really liked so I gave up on this thought... besides for 500euro on a weekend away, I can do a LOT more that would still allow me to come home to own bed at night and not spend 100+ euro a night for a couple nights.

Soooooo today, I got a new electrical prop that is for home use. What? Nah not gonna say yet but lets say I'm gonna dab in a whole new fetish! Something I find really sexy and really interesting. We played with it a bit when we were at the whirl pool suite recently and it came out rather nice... it will come out even better with tripod usage though and a non-sunny day (need some darkness for this!). So perhaps Sunday we'll mess around with this a bit.

But aside from that, Camera Man and I were still debating going to the sea side for the evening tomorrow but in the same that means a couple hour of driving, messing with Friday night/weekend traffic on top of it all and I really was not interested in that by any means at all. Instead we agreed to spend about half the amount of money and use some of the rooms at the whirl pool suite to shoot more content/relax in! So instead of a sea side trip tomorrow, I'm gonna set up and get things together to have a nice evening at one this hotel's new suites that has a rock formation built around a large whirl pool that I have just been just getting idea after idea about how to use it for photos/videos. Some of them...

 ~ I have a bunch of large green grapes... I'm going to just use the wet black rock look as a backdrop for a nude goddess set
 ~ I have a semi oriental style robe and we will be bringing sushi with us for our dinner along with a bottle of some champagne I like a lot. Just a nice sexy set of me enjoying my sushi dinner, some nice drinks and showing off my beautiful big sexy body as I do
 ~ I have an animal print bikini still that I have yet to use. The rock background and whirl pool I'm sure will be a good backdrop for it all!
 ~ Some sort of sexy lingerie set against the bed in the room. Not sure what yet but will have a couple of things packed just in case!
 ~ Seeing exactly how well this little underwater camcorder works while playing around in the whirl pool! Do suction cups work underwater??? I think this one would seeing as it's one of those 'push a lever to stick it types... gonna have to find out won't I?? :D

Ok so those are just *some* of the ideas I have... I will have to take note of the room and see what else it can bring. But that is a good start and I must *NOT* forget to bring my video camera's! The flip has the damn tripod mount and the other is the waterproof one!

Saturday will be a 'what do we do now' day. I will want to go back, either have a bunch of ideas with the same room after being there tomorrow or I'll check out another of their rooms or we might just stay at home and do some home shooting. Only Saturday and a night of sleep will be able to tell me what that day will bring so stay tuned! Sunday, I'm planning (if I can find the props I need for this idea tomorrow!) to mess with the new piece of equipment and then I'll reveal it when I place the first wet. Don't worry, there is already an update in store for Sunday so I won't miss it!

Then it's back to work and messing with things in between and on days off. I need to put my nose to the grind stone as the saying goes and show my boss I am valuable so there is no chance that he finds *any* reason to fire me after this accident/time off due to. I even to this day have a bruise, although faint and able to be covered by makeup but hey it's almost 5weeks after!

On that note, stay tuned for more previews! I'm sure our weekend will result in lots of fun, lots of sexy new different photos/videos and some new adventures!

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