Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekly Site Update - September 7th, 2014

Damn what a ride last night was. Here I was alllll ready with this update by like 2pm my time (not even waking time for the USA in most states) and I go to get connected to my FTP and bam... no connection. I tried other sites from the server, no go. I thought the servers were down. Ends up that some where my ISP fucked something up because between calling to their automatic service last night at like 1am and this morning before Camera Man got up (7amish) they had got their shit together and I could access every thing again.

Sooooo first thing I did when I got up was get this wonderfully sexy and purely showing off the true form of a BBW in something still sexy but about as sheer and skimpy as one can possibly get without showing off everything! I hope you enjoy this set, I had lots of fun making it! Thanks to you all for your bit of patience while I got things sorted.

You can find this set at
All photo sets are 100% exclusive to my website and will not be able to be seen any where else.

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