Sunday, September 7, 2014

Slight Update Delay - Tech Problems

I don't know what went where or how or anything of the like but sometime between earlier this week and today, I can't access my web site.... and I mean like AT ALL :( And it's not just my web site, it's anything on the server my web site is actually on. I freaked out at first because suddenly here it was time to upload today'd update and I find I can't get through on the FTP.

I thought 'great, something with the server??'. I finally got in contact with one of the people that I could and they told me they could connect with no problems. So that made me dig a bit deeper, talk to a techy type friend, tried a few things with my router and then started to search deep on the internet as to why this might be happening but why I have no other issues to browsing the web. In the end it was going to be 1 of 2 things, either my router had a mix-up in it's DNS servers or something with my ISP (internet service provider) is fucking something up and blocking a port.

Soooooo seeing as I didn't get into digging deeper as usually this is not a 'just me' situation when I can't access stuff like my web site or other sites on the same server, it was too late to call a tech at my ISP and I will have to wait until my morning to contact someone and get them to resolve it by giving us a new IP address... or at least that is what I read from someone having the same exact issue as I have.

If I log into the hotspot (basically think a portal wifi connection that uses my wifi modem on a different IP address so that it doesn't bring down my main speed at all that anyone with the ISP I have that has approval to use hotspots can use, me included.... these are set up alllll over Belgium now, hell I even have one at work) I can connect to my site and those on the same server but well that isn't going to help much since that connection is done through my tablet. So I know it's my ISP.

So bare with me while I get it fixed.... IF they don't do something about it tomorrow, I'll dust off the ol' laptop, I already have a copy on memory stick ready to go and I'll get the stuff uploaded from there. I mean that is where this began, no reason it can't be there for a back up solution! Never fear, update will only be a few hrs late! I promise one way or another, even if I have to visit my folks and use THEIR computer!

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