Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New Project & More

Hello all my wonderfuls... I have been tossing around the idea of all the fetish type requests I have been getting lately. Checking into ways to bring it better to all of you but also better for me. With that I've decided that I'm going to open a 3rd clips4sale store! I have to work on the videos for it first but I think throughout this weekend (Camera Man has off for 4 days starting tomorrow) I can get enough to open the store.

This store will house JUST my fetish style stuff. Foot fetish, long finger nails, Domination, heels/shoes, pantyhose, tight clothes, belly/fat/jiggling and anything else I don't think really fits into my main/older store. This is just a small list of requests I have been getting lately. They are all great ideas but they don't really fit on my main store and they don't really fit My Web Site either.

I think this will be a good thing. These things I can do without getting into full on photo/video mode with all the lingerie, jewelry, make-up, glits and glamor so to speak. Look for the new store to come soon!

With that, I have also decided that although I'll write reviews of some of the products and toys, I don't think I'll be using 'special' stuff all that often that I will be able to keep it up as a regular insertion. That means I won't make video recorded reviews basically. It's not worth the time and energy to put into it when I already wrote a review. After all, I bought these items to be used and there for if you want to see them in use you can visit my site and see the videos I've made with them anyhow.

And with that, this is my blog, this is where you get to know me better, get information about site/s and even join me in some online activities that are and aren't sexual in nature. So for the time being, I'm into playing time waster games on Facebook. I will come in and make posts here and there about the games I'm playing, toss in some screen shots of my city/towns or what have you. Good or bad, I'll write a bit about what I think of the game. If I continue the game, I'll come back every so often and make a new post to give an update on how my game is going.

With the new project of the fetish clips4sale store, while your waiting for it to open and go live remember you can always visit my 2 other stores!
Main Clips4sale with over 300 videos in WMV format
High Def Clips4sale with strictly 1280x720 high def MP4 format

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