Friday, September 5, 2014

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With all of my extra time off lately and god only knows how long yet to go exception that I know it's through the 14th yet, I decided I would re-explore the games over at Facebook. You can come join me if you like, I tend to visit these places a few times a day in the beginning of the games (they go faster in the beginning) but I can say I certainly try my best to be there once a day if not more.

If your going 'oh god, how do I go about collecting all of these items/bonuses and what not, never fear, for most games the Games Collector can run through all those load screens and friend's profile. Just open it, click the button to see if you have bonuses to collect and push the button again to let it collect all the goodies for your automatically. If you play a lot of games like I do, this is a life saver but you will need to give it time to collect, just let it do it thing in the back ground!

I'll keep this post up-to-date with the games I'm playing...

Played Daily & More (in order of how much played)
Kitchen Scramble
Dessert Shop
Diner Life

Played, Just Not As Often
Gardens Of Time
Mystery Manor

If you play any of them, want to sneak a peak more into my life as it is or just want to hang out a bit, feel free to stop on by. I always welcome friends on my list and even better if you are playing the games I am along with me! Gaming is a very big part of my life... I would say it is the thing I do when I get stressed out and need to just zone the world out or if I'm looking just for a bit of some relaxing time.

Hope to see you swing by! *KISSES*

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