Sunday, September 28, 2014

More Current Events - Week From Hell

Sooooo the week from hell... I don't even quite know where to start but here it goes. For an intro see the Blog Entry Here first if you wish to.

Now to continue this annoying week... reminder though the reason I'm having such an issue atm is because about 2months ago I tripped on some metal works nearby my house and smashed my head (along with the left side of my body) into a metal pole causing a mild concussion and lots of annoying small problems due to it but the first and foremost being lack of short term memory. It's getting a bit better as time goes on but any where from 2min to 2hrs to 2days my memory just can't keep a good hold on.

So, I went to the worker's union on Monday, showed my case worker the paper I got Friday and along with some issues of past payments being messed up and being almost 2 months past now on that one. She was the only one there *sigh* poor lady, she took all the paper work and asked me come back later in the week when she had a chance to talk to the others in the office as well.

On Tuesday while I was trying to have a relaxing shopping trip with my mother, my cleaning lady calls me to let me know the post tried to deliver 2 registered letters and since she can't sign for them she set them at my desk. I picked them up the following day and of course they were the letters (same letter, 2 different types of posting for what ever reason... guess he didn't want to get into doing something wrong again, fat chance LOL) stating he was giving me my 2 weeks notice and it would start September 29th (tomorrow) and this time in dutch after I wrote him an email later Saturday evening telling him the paper was invalid due to the language of it. Hell he even tried to demand I go back in with less then 8hrs notice on SUNDAY and only told by email, like I sit here with all of my email accounts open 24hrs a day and on weekends no less. Oh and 2 things about that whole thing... because I'm on medical leave atm he can for no reason demand I come in for any reason and 2 he LIED about the 'reason' for me coming in stating it was for an evaluation *eyes*. Jack ass.

Anyhow, I'm not dealing with stress very well and that is what makes my memory even worse. I was so tired with the meeting on Monday that I even managed to burn the top of my right hand while taking mini pizzas out from the oven by simply not giving the oven the proper time to vent it's steam before reaching out to turn off the dials. It's just sad when shit like that happens.

Ok so Wednesday... got the letters and after saw some more docs. Spending most of the week with some sort on any number of levels with headaches. Through all of this I'm also still fighting with the insurance company to start making some sort of payment to me since it was going on 2 months now   since I have seen any payment. I finally got a bit of the American bitch side back of me and started looking for someone high in the chain of command to the claim worker that was suppose to be working on my case. I couldn't talk to her on Wednesday but the following morning I did talk to someone higher and by 1pm Thursday afternoon I got even HER boss calling me back! Man I almost fainted. But there were STILL papers missing to pay me out! OMG forget the fact that they still needed the boss's bank number (which some how they managed to track down anyhow, don't need to know how just that they were able to just that is no longer an issue) but they were missing papers from 3 days in August from my doctor (when I attempted to work and found all these smaller issues I didn't realize were there like the short term memory being effected) and a paper from my own health insurance stating they haven't payed me nor will pay me... duh they know the insurance company took the claim on as a work accident and within 2 days of me knowing, they were already posting me that info.

I got them the papers they needed THAT afternoon (think she was even surprised at that) and now instead of a payment for 1 month getting processed, I got both months processed and with any luck Monday or Tuesday I'll finally see my payments coming in again. I so hope... digging into savings is *NOT* what I expected nor wanted to be happening.

Okkkkay, finally getting confirmation that she had all she needed, I had another appointment on Thursday at the worker's union. I bring the 2 letters with me that were registered. They are of no relevance and she already has a letter drafted up to send by registered post herself stating the letter from Friday was not acceptable by law for the reasoning behind breaking contract and because of the language. In the letter because of the short term of my contract, she also stated that any grounds to be firing me he has to pay out a 1 month severance pay and *NOT* 2 weeks or even 3... *4* weeks. Ok that is a slap on the wrist but on top of all that she also had a letter that I signed that will go off to an auditing office to have his paychecks investigated because of the missing 1/3rd of my paycheck from July as well as the missing 6hrs of August not to mention the hassle of not getting my pay check stubs for almost 4 months and not having one for August either.

All in all, there is some waiting as she has given him 2 weeks from the time of receiving the letter to respond and if he doesn't, we take the next step.

I finally had Friday to myself with exception of some dishes and didn't do anything else but take a really enjoyable long hot shower, play videos games, eat good food and enjoy the evening with Camera Man. It's been a quiet weekend as well with a bit of shopping yesterday and today just quietness, no road construction, no phone calls, no worries (exception of my never ending sink full of dishes to wash). This is what I NEED to be happening so that I can get my brain to settle down and stop miss firing. I hope it continues, that my pay is indeed in tomorrow and that my weeks get easier.

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