Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Last Weekend's Update - My Apologies

Hello again all my wonderfuls... I'm stopping in here this morning (it's just before 8am on 9-24-2014 my time that is, most likely you all in the good ol' US of A are still tucked away in your beds or perving some where :P) and I realized just before going to bed last night that I didn't place an update last Sunday. Being that it's only Wednesday, I'm going to place an update sometime today and then also place a new update Sunday as well on it's normal schedule.

Now the reason behind this, and bare with me as it's a bit of a tale to be told. Firstly, most of you that have read my blog here, know that a couple of months ago I had an accident on the way to work which caused a mild concussion and due to that caused things like temp lose of eye sight in my left eye, dizziness related to the accident and my vision, massive problems with my short term memory, very very bad headaches and then on top of it problems now because of all the extra stress and the lack of time I'm being given to reduce my stress and heal, it's only taken longer then I would like for it to heal but it also get set back a bit every time someone stresses me out even more.

Needless to say, Friday back fired the whole healing deal that I've made leaps and bonds in because my 'boss' is trying to give me my 2 week notice... as in he is trying to fire me.

First and foremost, he's doing it totally against the rules. Giving me 2 different reasons from one that is stated on paper and the other verbally as to why he is firing me. The one on paper as far as I know is not legal because he did it in french and by the laws, paperwork either needs to be in the language of the staff or the language of where the head business is.... in this case flemish/dutch. The reason on paper though is against the working law because it states due not being there which he can't fire me openly for because the 'not being there' is completely by medical leave and doctors. The 'other' reason which was verbal to me (and Camera Man as I brought him with Friday as my translator and short term memory just in case) was that 'the business isn't doing so well and he has to restructure'... or in short get rid of employees that he can't afford because of money issues. This too is not totally legal as there was someone hired after me to 'fill in' while I was gone which should of then had a temp contract that would end at the time I was able to fully come back or he would be found another position within the work place other than mine. Not to mention all of the changes and money he put toward 'other' things for the work place that would cost my wage a month or more such as new tables/chairs, cable installment, a new LCD TV and some other things I can think of.

With ALL of that above, I'm now, along with my union, going to fight it to the teeth. I will admit, especially now, I was not looking forward to going back anyhow because all of people, including the boss himself, are too young. I think the oldest just turned 24 other then the boss who is still just 30yrs old. Ok he has a head on his shoulders for business but not in the way of how to conduct a crew that is of mixed years it seems.

On top of that though there are 3 other money/work related issues going on, firstly from my prior boss I am missing (mostly because I didn't know about it) something we have out here called eco-checks. They are basically extra money up to the sum of 250euro for the highest but in the form of checks that can be used on 'eco friendly' items. I am entitled to them by law by making so much per year. Then it's calculated on one of those 'you made this much, times this much and divided by this much' type scale but when it comes down to it I'm owed about 200euro worth for the 2.5yrs I worked with them. So that is another thing happening not related to the work leave I'm on.

Related to the work leave I'm on, my July pay (the first month I was off due to the accident) was messed up because it was marked down as a 'sickness' instead of an accident. The difference between the 2... first one has a pay out of 2/3rd my wage and the other is 100% my wage. No matter, the insurance company has taken it on as a claim and being covered so the boss even gets paid back for that first month.... how ever I'm still sitting here out that 400+ euro. As of Monday, the union was given by the social services for taxes and what not some kind of 'we're having computer issues and are trying to get it fixed, we put in information the end of August and got a reply to it the 4th of september but we still can't do anything blah blah blah blah' bullshit of stuff when she called to ask about it. So we're battling the place that SHOULD be paying people out that goes between the 'boss' and me that takes the measures to take out the proper taxes and all that.

And then comes the whole insurance thing. A couple of weeks ago (about a week before the 15th) Camera Man talks to the guy at the claim department about my wage payout, asking if everything should be in order to start paying it out on the 15th (their papers state they pay out 2x's a month, the 1st and the 15th) and yea, they should have everything in order. I wait til the 17th, still nothing. Call again, find out that he 'can't read the copy of my pay check stub' and shit *I* can read it but no don't bother contacting me about not being able to read it. So that day I go out to get all the copies of my check stubs which took since April to get any except 1 of them from the boss, scan it, email it in FULL format (2000+ pixels) and ok then he could read it.

Now comes Friday last week, STILL no payout. I start calling around 4pm to the claims office, again for god knows only how many times now, am not able to talk to the main guy in charge of my claim. So a friendly gentleman was kind enough to work hard to get all the paper work that seems to STILL of been missing in order. From the paper that stated my health insurance wasn't going to pay me because the insurance of work took it on to a couple of missed doctor papers to state that I was due to still be off work. Friday SHOULD have had a pay out again but nooooo, I get an email Monday morning stating that were was still missing papers for work leave from the doctor, I sent them off back in the email, but then something else is that the guy is asking (we're back on the head guy now BTW) for is my boss's bank account number as well. Now, sorry but I have nothing to do with him or his 'bank'... I'm not a manager, I don't have the title, I don't have the training and I don't have the pay for it. If he wants to get paid back, HE has to take the steps to get paid back, it is of none of my business nor worry if he doe or does not want to. BUT for what ever reason, the insurance says if they don't have his account number then I don't get paid either because 'that is just how it works'.

That is a bunch of horse shit and again something else I'm fighting with my union against. All in all by now being almost the end of September, I am owed 2 months worth of wages (about 2400 euro give or take) plus the 400euro roughly of the messed up July check and the eco checks of 200euro.... in total of almost 3000euro worth of funds. I'm hurting, I'm stressed, my head doesn't work the way it should be and now on top of it my position at work is being fucked with. I'm digging into savings which shouldn't have had to of happened because the whole insurance thing should have been done MONTHS ago and *sigh* it's just all piling up on me.

So my dears, I hope you can understand and have some patience with me. EMAIL me if you don't see something right on The Web Site or contact me some how. It gives me a reminder that something isn't right or I forgot something and will correct it within 24hrs usually. Remember, I'm not JUST the model behind my site, I'm also the designer, owner, webmaster and what not. I do EVERYTHING for the site short of hosting it! You will only talk to me... so never worry of 3rd party stuff.

Ok, I'm off my rant/rage.... I hope you now understand how I could forget the update from Sunday, I mean I am trying to live a normal life, heal and all of that on top of all the legal battling I'm trying to do as well. Be patient with me. If you want to help, the best thing you can do is grab a membership if you haven't already, grab even one of those 3 or 6 month memberships I offer, check out my gift page or even drop me some gift bonds through Amazon. Everything can help and I'm always very thankful for it all. *KISSES*

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