Sunday, September 14, 2014

Weekly Site Update - September 14th, 2014

This weekend's update is a bit odd. This video was my first attempt at filming underwater. I liked what it gave except that it was too dark. Soooo with the thoughts that it was a first attempt, that it was underwater (new content/experience) and the fact that it wasn't *that* bad, I kept the video. I made 2 copies of it, the rendered version that has brightness and noise reduction added in hopes it would be a bit better but it came with some pixelation problems although still a nice result and then the un-rendered version, just resaved with my watermark and nothing else done to it, as seen from what the camera itself took. I hope you get to enjoy one of them as you watch me show off and masturbate under water for you! Camera man & I will be making more photos with another whirl pool that has lights inside the water which should help with the low light problem very well.... first though I need to not have a really bad cycle and he needs a day off!

Enjoy this weekend's update, it's almost 20mins of seeing this fatty under water messing around!
Only to be found on

Un-rendered Version

Rendered Version

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