Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Talking With Me - Vent/Rant

Ok listen up here, if you are wanting to talk with me by some sort of IM or by E-mail and I've been kind enough to respond to such a response, you will *NOT* disrespect me in any form or fashion. I do not know you and you do not know me. I am giving you the PRIVILEG of MY time spent on you because YOU wanted it.

If you EVER think for a moment that I am there any time YOU want me to be just because 'oh she's online now, she better talk to me' you have something else coming.

You are NOTHING to me do you understand?? I am GIVING you my time and you best understand it is precious to me. I have VERY little 'free' time and just because I 'might' be sitting online some time some where with a browser or IM open, does *NOT* mean I am actually sitting here twiddling my thumbs in any remote hope that someone will log in and have a chat with me.

I have a REAL life outside my web life. I have a husband, an aging mother & father, a couple of sisters back in the states and you best believe there is a MASSIVE time difference between me and you if you are in the USA any where from 5 to 9hrs BEHIND me! If you are just waking for your day, I am most likely starting to prepare for my evening to start which included getting my kitchen in order, taking care of house hold choirs and getting ready to cook dinner or perhaps even already cooking it.

Now if you still want to chat with me HAVE A BIT OF FUCKING PATIENCE! I am not your toy or pawn to just drop everything because YOU wanted to chat with me. If I am here, if I can type, if *I* have time to chat or if I have the want even to chat, I will respond.... if not then there is most likely a reason and I will respond when I have the time or want.

Now get off your frigging high horse and remind yourself I am HUMAN behind this computer and stop trying to think you're gonna get away with giving me any kind of guilt trip because OMFG *I* didn't write you back *RIGHT* now.


We now return you to your normal every day perving. Thank you for your time and patience and try to remember, when you speak to a LADY such as myself, have the decent kindness of some respect shown toward her.

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