Monday, July 28, 2014

100 Question Purity Test

Today, while sitting relaxing a bit, I thought about the site Okcupid. Back in the days this site wasn't a 'dating' site but a social quiz type site with lots and lots of them. A bit ago Camera Man looked up their purity test and took it, he scored 50%ish on his. I looked it up today myself and while about half way through it, I found a question that made me stop and think 'hey this would be a good post for the blog if I answered these questions not only with a yes/no answer'. So I started to copy the questions to notepad, gave them the yes/no answer and then told you a bit about it or my thoughts on it.

You can find the test at I took this posting from at OkCupid's 100 Question Purity Test but I think you need to be registered, no worries though it's free and actually quite fun!

When I finished the test the first time around I ended up having to go through a 2nd time because I only started to record my answers when I hit the question about having sex with someone 10yrs older/younger (in the 40s some where). When doing that I realized with my past that there were 2 questions I answered wrongly. One question was if I had committed adultery, at first I said no but then after thinking about the question when it came up again, I had to change the answer to yes. Why? Because I realized 2 things about my life, the first being that Camera Man and I are swingers but ummmm hello we're married?? And then when I was younger, it doesn't mean that *I* had to be married to be committing it but even having sex with someone else who was married would be considered yes *halo*. The 2nd was if I had ever had sex with 2 siblings of the same family. At first I answered no but again I had to change that because indeed in my past I did indeed fuck and play with brothers, in fact you could say I had my chance at twins ;) Identical twins no less.... aaa but the days! They were fun but now I play more in my age.

Anyhow... below you'll find my purity test and my answers... hope you get to know a bit more of the naughty side of me and enjoy! If you have questions, feel free to E-mail me and I'm sure I can let you know more of me and we can chat a bit! My results of this test ended being 27% pure *blush* with the title 'Decidedly Perverted'. I attached some screenshots first. Also I took the Original Purity Test as well and strangely enough I scored 45% *boggle* but they have some really strange/weird questions like 'have you ever held hands'. The 100 question purity test is more 'adult' I think.

My Test
1. had sex in three or more positions in one session? Yes, quite a few times and even did in the last couple of weeks!

2. had sex continuously for 1 hour or more? YES! And love every fucking *grin* minute of it!

3. devoted an entire day to sex and sexual activity (with breaks for eating, etc)? Yes... the most memorible time was with Camera Man back over 13yrs ago while he was visiting me for the first time. We spent ummm quite a lot of time just well yea ;)

4. been so loud having sex that housemates/neighbors commented or complained? No, although I'm loud I also try to be aware of it as to not bother other people with it.

5. had your sexual technique/style/skill openly praised by someone? Yes, many many times and even still today after 13yrs with Camera Man by himself too.

6. written an explicitly erotic story? Yes... many. Lost the whole collection when I redid my site but plan to even write more soon!

7. brought your partner to orgasm using only your hands? Yes... are there actually people who have had any kind of sexual encounter not give a handjob??

8. had sex while both fully dressed (unzip fly, hike up skirt...)? Yes, how else would some of the quickies I've had been able to happen??

9. had sex while both standing up? Yes, I loved having a guy that was just a few inches taller then me because that usually meant that his cock would be just the height with my pussy and mmmm oh yea!

10. licked or sucked on someone else's feet and/or toes? No, not really into the true meaning of foot fetish although I do love showing off my feet for others to enjoy!

11. performed oral sex on a man (fellatio)? Yes, 100's of times (ok you can call me a slut if you want) but I do it on almost a weekly basis even now!

12. performed oral sex on a woman (cunniligus)? Yes... bi-sexual here people! GIVE ME PUSSY!

13. received oral sex from a man? Yes, but it's not my more favored activities, I'd much rather be giving.

14. received oral sex from a woman? No, although bi-sexual, I still don't really care for being eaten, male or female.... still rather give!

15. used position number 69? Yes, briefly though, still not totally into getting eaten out and wasn't a comfortable position when I tried it the first time as I was already quite heavy by then.

16. intentionally swallowed semen (your own counts)? Yes! LOTS of times! Still do to this day too!

17. woken someone up by performing oral sex on them? Yes *halo* and by handjobs too!

18. had heterosexual intercourse using no birth control? Yes, ok stupid in my youth but yes. Today I still go bareback but Camera Man is ummm 'fixed' so no worries of this aspect and we do use protection when out swinging.

19. had sex during menstruation? Yes, not mid-time or anything but toward the very end usually when there wasn't too much of a problem and the few days of 'no sex' that I end up going through just is too much once and a while :P

20. used whipped cream, chocolate syrup, etc... for sexual purposes? Yes, mostly for camera play though with exception that I'm also very very fond of honey dust (this is my favorite one and for some uses for it as well as the original see this link) for this kind of thing.

21. used ice for sexual purposes? Yes but again mostly for camera.

22. used hot/melted wax for sexual purposes? See answer above.

23. completely shaved off your pubic hair? Yes, a few times but won't do it ever again. For me there is no need to shave the mound as I am blond and have the naturally 'thinner' bush some wish they were born with but also because my skin does not at all react well to it in that area. Now a days I just shave my lips mostly out of comfort sake but also some sexual aspect. I love the feeling I get when a hard cock slides in and out of me and I can feel every inch all over!

24. purchased a sex toy? YES! LOL How many dozen would you like to see? ;)

25. inserted your finger into someone's anus, or had this done to you? Yes, Camera Man and I have tried this once but wasn't his cup of tea... not really mine either.

26. licked someone's anus? No, not into anal play really at all with the occasional ass fucking for something different.

27. performed anal intercourse on someone (on the giving end, toys count)? No, again not into anal play much.

28. received anal intercourse (receiving end, toys still count)? Yes, I do like anal fucking from time to time not to mention specially if I can feel Camera Man fucking my tight almost virgin ass while I work my pussy with another toy! Some day I want to feel a double fuck too! Mmmm 2 cocks going in and out of me... better yet give me a 3rd fucking my mouth too while we're at it!

29. used a vibrator or dildo on your partner, or had your partner use one on you? Yes and yes... more so on me but have attempted toys on him a bit too. Do cock rings count??

30. used another kind of inanimate object for penetration (cucumber, beer bottle, anything)? Yes. Carrots, cucumbers, bananas, bottles, light wand thing I made a video for, ice cubes just off the top of my head.

31. been involved in use of a cock-ring? Yes, Camera Man quite enjoys one certain ring called the 'Pearl Ring' but has a couple others including a cowboy lasso. I enjoy it once and a while to as it give him quite a bit more girth, length and staying power when I really want a hard fucking sessions!

32. been involved in use of a strap-on? No, not yet but certainly wouldn't object if it was me and another woman. Again not too into anal play.

33. participated in fist-fucking? Yes, with Camera Man. Had it taped once but then it became against rules so I just deleted it many year ago. We still play with it a couple times a year on our own... he loves how he can fit as good as his entire fist in my tight little snatch and still have me wrap my pussy around his cock right after while still being as tight or tighter then I was before he did!

34. contracted a venereal disease? Yes, sadly (yes I'm openly honest) but luckily it was a treatable one and my body did it's job to tell me there was a problem. It was Chlamydia (very common and very treatable STD and there are many many people living with it even now without knowing it!) when I was around 18yrs or so. The last time I ever had sex unprotected without it being my ex or Camera Man.

35. received money or some favor in exchange for sexual activities? Yes. In the business I do now with my site I also offer fetish sessions... now although not a 'paid for fucking' situation, it's still sexual so I had to say yes.

36. given a sympathy fuck? Yes. If you are sexual, has there really not been a time you didn't?

37. forced or coerced someone having sex with you? Yes... forced no but certainly coerced... I'm very pushy! :P

38. had sex with a virgin? Yes, my ex-fiance was a virgin when we first met... took it quite quickly after meeting and will keep it forever! MAAAWWWWHH :D

39. paid for sex with a prostitute? Nope... I'm female... people should be paying ME for it not me to them ;)

40. been involved in adultery? Yes. This is my 2nd time going through this test because I decided to start recording the questions and my answers only about mid-way but come to think about this question, adultery doesn't mean that I've done stuff while married myself but also it could mean doing stuff with married men... well then the answer is yes. Besides I do swing with Camera Man and in a way that is adultery too isn't it?

41. committed statutory rape? No, I'm not really into younger men or women and I would never ever do something with someone under 18yrs of age. I'm REALLY against doing stuff that is illegal!

42. fondled a pre-pubescent when your were post-pubescent? See above answer.

43. had sex with someone 10 years older or younger than yourself? LOL YES! Almost very day of my life, Camera Man is 12yrs my older!

45. had sex with your boss or teacher? Yep on a few occasions when I was much younger though

46. willingly committed incest (sex with family member, including 1st cousins)? No, firstly I have 2 sisters, I didn't know I was bi-sexual until I was over 18 and besides again, it's the whole legal issue thing and besides, I do have at least *some* morals left!

47. ever had sex with two people from the same family (i.e., siblings, etc - not related through marriage)? yes *blush* Again in the beginning when I first took this test I did answer this question no. But then sitting here thinking back to my past and all my 'fun' I do indeed have to answer this question truthfully yes now. I did unnn have quite a bit of fun, even just before meeting Camera Man LOL with a set of twins ... yes I've had my way with identical twins :P

48. had sex with someone the same day you met them? Not only have I when I was younger (aaa the married years LOL) but what do you think I do at swinger clubs?!

49. had sex with someone whose name you did not know (at least until afterwards)? See above answer :P Besides, sometimes I don't even know their names AFTER!

50. had sex with someone who you never spoke with, or who did not know any of the same languages as you? Again when I was younger, I very much enjoyed sex with Hispanic men for some reason but a lot didn't know much in the way of English except 'lets fuck' :P

51. been openly homosexual or bisexual (out of the closet for all to see)? COMPLETELY bi-sexual and open about it baby!

52. had more than 10 sex partners? Don't want to sound like a slut but yes... again mostly while I was younger and 'free' :P

53. ...more than 100? No. Ok, not going THAT far so I suppose the 'more then 10' above isn't too bad!

54. had sex with two partners within 24 hours (but separately)? Yes, Hey what can I say but yes?! Sorry, what's a horny BBW suppose to do when she needs a fix and one guy can't handle it all??

55. been in a menage-a-trois? Yes. Once or twice.. jealous yet? ;)

56. engaged in group sex (more than three people)? Yes! And this is while being married! I love my life with Camera Man!

57. visited an orgy parlor or swap club? Ummm yes! Swinger couple here people!

58. had two or more regular sex partners at the same time, while all involved were aware of your actions? Yes, again though when I was younger. Hey when your young, you free and do what you want most of the time don't ya?

59. had two or more regular sex partners at the same time, without telling all of them about the others? Yes, hey your not always 100% free are you?

60. had sex in a public place? Yes, many times! Hope to get Camera Man a little less 'worried' so we can get it on one of these days outside together too!

61. had sex outdoors at night? Lots of times, I loved making out in the car some where secluded at night... best time not to be caught!

62. had sex outdoors in direct, unshadowed sunlight? No :( I want to though!!

63. had sex in a stationary car? Yes! See answer #61 :D

64. had sex while you or your partner were driving? I answered yes but I guess it also comes down to what kind of 'sex' they mean. I have given hand jobs and I think even a blow once but that was short lived as I was too scared to continue... it was too much for him!

65. become a member of the mile high club? No... my fat ass won't hardly fit in those bathrooms much less 2 of us trying to do 'something' in there at all! Besides, I don't like to fly unless REALLY TOTALLY needed.

66. had sex in your or your partner's parents' bedroom? No, better in his room while his parents (and others) were helping us move... ok was just a quick hand job with his cum into my hand but hey it was fun!

67. had sex in a classroom, office, or other place of work (not a private residence)? No, never had a situation where this kind of place was needed really. I don't do the whole 'desk job' thing... I have way too much energy for that crap!

68. had sex in a restroom of a building that was open to the public? Yes, gas station restrooms were fun when I was younger!

69. had sex in the water (bathtub, hottub, ocean...)? Yes, only recently actually, in the last week to 2 to be exact. Fucked, sucked, stroked and masturbated in it now!

70. had sex in a stairwell or elevator? Yes, but only once with a hot stud of a guy when I was younger.

71. had sex in a place of the dead (cemetery, mortuary, coffin, etc)? No, this one I just find creepy actually to even be asked but yea I know, everyone has a fetish.

72. used alcohol to lower someone's resistance? I answered no because I didn't do it to 'lower' his resistance, I did to to relax him and I know Camera Man gets horny/silly/happy when he has had a few drinks in him from time to time and I like that side of him!

73. had sex while under the influence of illegal drugs? No, I don't do drugs at all, I don't even smoke.

74. ever taken a drug for the express purposes of enhancing the sexual experience? I answered no because it wasn't for me but once or twice Camera Man tried Viagra just to see what it did... not much LOL

75. seen a live professional stripper? No, I'd do this why when I can just do it myself and record it to see later? :P

76. committed an act of voyeurism (watched someone who did not know you were there)? No, never did it but knew others have done it to me ;)

77. committed an act of public exhibitionism (stripping, streaking...)? Yes :) I mean how else would I have the flashing/outdoor content I have?!

78. masturbated in someone else's presence? Yes... 1000's of times (yes in the 1000's!) and still do today for 10,000's through my videos as well not including my real life stuff.

79. had sex while you knew someone else was watching? Yes, hard to go to a swingers club and not be 'watched'!

80. been walked in on while having sex? See answer above.

81. watched pornographic movie with your sex partner? Yes! I AM porn! LOL ok well on a serious note, yes I have and yes I still do and we have quite a bit of fun while we do!

82. been the photographer or subject of a nude photo/video shoot? Yes... Ummm HELLLOOO? :P

83. had pictures/video taken of you having sex? See above answer.

84. watched your usual sex partner have sex with someone else while you were not involved? Yes but still in the same room while active with others *halo*. Again swinger clubs are very nice ;)

85. had a genital or nipple pierce? No but I do have my tongue pierced for the purpose of sexual stimulation while giving oral!

86. practiced sexual role-playing (doctor/nurse, student/teacher, etc)? Yes but mostly for the purpose of my website and content then for me and Camera Man.

87. engaged in transvestitism for sexual enjoyment? No... with the body and what not I have (you know carrying around a D-DD chest here) isn't exactly gonna help me 'pretend' to be a guy ;)

88. engaged in bondage as a "top" (tied someone up)? Yes and for this answer with Camera Man actually.

89. engaged in bondage as a "bottom" (been tied up)? Yes but this one was briefly and more for content then anything else. I have a very hard time trusting anyone, much less giving into them without being able to move at all.

90. been blindfolded during sex? No, but I have blind folded others

91. intentionally inflicted pain while performing sexual activities (sadism)? No, I'm really a lover not a fighter and thus don't want to put pain on anyone in any shape or form.

92. willingly had pain inflicted on you during sexual activities (masochism)? Yes. I like a bit of nipple biting/pulling and some light spanking

93. had a "safe word" arranged with your partner for use in S&M/B&D activities? Yes, when I was younger I had a Master and we needed to have one. That was a short lived part of life... wasn't for me.

94. used nipple clips (clothespins count)? I answered yes... I have a set here and have tried them but it was very short lived as they have no adjustment to how much pressure can be applied so it was too much.

95. used a whip, flogger, cat-o-nine-tails, or something similar for pain? Yes... have used but not to cause pain. More did it for the camera again.

96. intentionally inflicted or received an electric shock during sexual activities? No, again not into the whole pain thingy much less playing with electric *boggle* Again I guess everyone has a fetish.

97. drawn blood by biting or scratching while performing sexual activities? Yes, I have sharp nails ;)

98. engaged in "golden showers"? Yes, receiving only though... not into giving but don't mind showing myself doing so solo also.

99. committed bestiality? NO... sorry but never would do anything with animals and besides it's again totally an illegal act!

100. practiced necrophilia? No... really come on, some of these questions are a bit out there still!

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