Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Waterproof Camera On It's Way

Upon request by an old time member that rejoined lately *SMOOCH* along with the new aspect of having a pool/whirlpool surrounding to shoot in, I have made a small 60euro purchase tonight of what seems to be a semi good waterproof camera for the cost.

It's a Foxnovo 123s. Now it's not the best of the best but seeing as I'll use it maybe a couple times a year IF that, I'm not going to go out of my way to buy a top of the line like I did my Canon camera. It's only a 1.3mp camera and it seems to only be a couple of inches large but what it is and what it comes with makes it well worth the cost!

What it comes with is the small touch screen camera itself which not only acts as a digital camera but it also records HD video (really looking forward to see what this produces!), can be used as a webcam and on top of it, the extras that come with it for mounting it to car (suctions to the dash and what not) as well as helmet mount and even bike mount! And if that wasn't enough it also comes with a 32g micro SD card and even a car charger.

For me, ok perhaps 1.3mp is not the best but this is not something that will be my 'main' camera so that is beside the point. The bigger point is the way it is powered. So far what I have read it's an internal battery and that is what I find to be the down fall because if the battery dies, it dies and you have to recharge it without any way to just remove and replace with a fresh battery so you can charge later unlike my current HD video camera which allows to both be charged through the unit but allows me to remove the chargeable battery pack and just use 2 AA batteries instead. The upside of the battery though is that it is USB port charged. Means even if I'm out shooting at the hotel which this camera is for, I can simply plug in my laptop and charge it while I work on more photos if needed. It does mention though something 1.5hrs usable time but that will have to be seen once in action.

I ordered it through Amazon UK and it mentioned 1-3 business days until it arrives. That will be seen though depending how quickly they get it actually shipped out and how long customs sits on it. I would be totally thrilled though if it arrives Friday, it'll be just in time for a hopeful desire for a trip back to this hotel (for a longer period of time I hope) the Saturday after. I return (I hope!) to work the following weekend so we'll have to attempt it at least. I can't wait to mess around with it!

(last image edited due to non-adult content)

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